NJ Gov. Phil Murphy On Mail-In Voting, Marijuana Legalization + Possible COVID-19 Shut Downs

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy joins Ebro in the Morning to give an update on the election in the state, the success of mail-in voting this year, the possibility of …


  1. They're screwing up NJ's cannabis legislation bill right out of the gate. 🤬 The rushed hearing is on Monday at 10am, and it was only announced at 5pm on Friday, giving barely any notice for public comment (had to sign up by 6pm to testify. WTF.) Please read the following for a better understanding:

    via @Brandon_McKoy (Brandon J. McKoy) on Twitter, Nov. 7th:

    "At first reading of NJ's #cannabis bill draft, not only does it only apply the sales tax meaning it raises a paltry amount of funds, the vast majority of those funds goes to 🥁 🥁 🥁 police departments!

    You can't make this up. This is the height of dark comedy. #NJpol

    News story with link to the bill language: https://www.nj.com/marijuana/2020/11/top-lawmaker-introduces-bill-to-launch-weed-industry-days-after-vote-to-legalize-passes-in-nj.html

    "Licensee fees, penalties and state tax revenue from legal marijuana sales would be deposited into a new fund. The money would be used to cover the Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s operational costs, to reimburse local police departments to train officers to serve as Drug Recognition Experts, the type tasked with identifying and apprehending impaired drivers. The rest will go to the state’s general fund."

    And then the rest goes to the general fund because of course it does…

    This bill does NOTHING for racial & reparative justice & is a slap in the face to all the communities harmed by the drug war that deserve real support & investment to address the wounds of prohibition.

    This all completely stems from lawmakers continuing to insist against a sensible tax structure that would ensure a healthy market while raising the resources to enable much needed community investments. To only apply the sales tax at 6.625% (& a max 2% local tax) is nonsensical.

    Other states generally apply tax rates of about 20% total all the way up to about 40%. In fact, one of the lessons we've learned from other states is to avoid taxing cannabis by price point at the point of sale & instead do an excise tax by weight during the production process.

    An excise tax on weight would prevent volatility in tax revenue as the price of cannabis fluctuated, plus it wouldn't be a direct tax on the end user at the point of sale. You'd do it between the grower & processer or processer & seller. This bill doesn't wanna tax dispensaries.

    So, ultimately, this bill says lawmakers would rather avoid taxing dispensaries (many of which will be headed by already very wealthy cannabis corps) than deliver justice for communities. The reparations they insisted to care about all along are just another bargaining chip.

    Again, it's not like implementing an excise tax would be some abnormal thing to do. That's the industry norm. But this bill insists on making things difficult for gobsmacking reasons.

    Bottom line: that $300 million tax revenue projection? We wouldn't even come close.

    When it comes to this bill, #BlackLivesMatter is a punchline."

  2. Stop the fraud election since they are still counting votes so why r u claiming false wins.!!
    Stop the stupid mask and stop ruining business and lives of NJ. You won't have anything but an empty wasteland with your stupid lies about covid . The mental health rates are off the charts with your nonsense. How do live with yourself

  3. I find it interesting that you kept us locked down for 6 months and it didn't help at all for 3 months then when the summer came around it started going down because people have stronger immune systems when its warm, yet you waited till the start of flu season to open up. Makes literally no sense.

  4. Not only did New Jersey handled well early elections, but from the first week of the lock down in march, when it seemed like the end of the world particualrly for those of us above 60 years, Gov Murphy was daily on the radio with his self assurance telling us about flattening the curb and how we would make it through no matter what. that really uplifted my spirit, particularly after seeing Vice President Pence visit New Jersey and tell us with little empathy that anyone over 62 with symptoms would not be allowed in a hospital "but would be taken care in a parking lot somewhere" Thank you for standing up for us Gov Murphy!

  5. Yeah, you’ve(Democrats) done a bang up job in Jersey….gotta work two jobs to make ends meet…..along with some of the highest property taxes and most dangerous cities in the country!

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