No Holds Barred: How To Make Delta 8

There is no doubt that CBD has swept the world as one of the hottest cannabinoids from the hemp plant. With the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill, a whole …


  1. I gotta ask. My friend. You go into great depth about residual solevents, metalic particulates, and a great deal more. "Ill keep it to laymen terms as i see your far more experienced in your feild, and i appreciate your knowledge." Ubserdly your worried about these "cancer causing items, or possible long term side effects" yet you claim to drink whiskey, or burbon, or wtf ever and wheres your or my lab tests on that? Whats in your drinking water? Point being without certain, "elements" metals being one of them our lives, evolution, and well being wouldnt exist!!! I love your informative education, but id bet my bottom dollar the compant you work for more than apparently needs direction and pr other than capital. At least to become a lasting company in thos about to explode market. Nothing but props to you both the topic was and will be never handled better n hey wtf do i know any how?

  2. You could seriously make a fortune on selling the kit on how to videos from first to finish on the chemistry experiment on me I will Percy by the first issue comes out on when you're in the lab on making this Delta 8 in spinning the Delta 9 go to a n Delta 9 I want to be a part of the first person who contain to video in the lab put on your lab suit and get the taping I want the first kit that you sell please call 812-675-9252 thank you very much dear time in the great video sincerely Danny Reynolds Bedford Indiana

  3. Help!! My husband is hard headed and won’t accept the fact that delta 8 infused hemp is in fact not synthetic marijuana! I keep trying to explain to him but because its “infuse” then why not just take the other cannabinoids out and only leave the delta 8.. why do they have to take it out of one plant and infuse it onto another plant? He won’t watch a hour long video so can somebody explain very bluntly and quickly on how and why they infuse and not just take out the others…?

  4. Man your great info is to me genius what if I wanted more delta9 than delta8 could I do it identical to you but only at a shorter time and what would be the best process for this and what would be the yields be at say 100 grams of CBD isolate thanks man.

  5. D8 definitely has profound anxiolytic properties and this is coming from somebody who has suffered from anxiety, PTSD as well as depression for many years.
    This helps me in ways that delta 9 thc, or regular cannabis can not.

  6. I'm a new hemp farmer, I have 2400# of dried biomass awaiting extraction to Crude oil. Any idea how expensive or difficult it is to have it taken to delta-8..? My extractor here in central Washington state is actually for Hops used for beer. They only go to crude. I'm trying to weigh my choices as to make a profit. Crude oil may not even cover my expenses. thanks

  7. Our lab is making Vape carts but it takes a while for the oil to heat up on regular batteries. Only the good batteries heat it up enough. But others have told us to “cut” it more to make it easier to Vape. We don’t like cutting agents at all and most are bad but what would you recommend for the end user to be happy with the cart and it actually hitting good every time ? Thanks

  8. I would be careful about picking up Delta 8 from any vape shops, headshops, and especially gas stations.
    I bought a delta 8 cart from a vape shop last week, and they overcharge for BDT's, and that cart really tasted dangerous man.
    I picked up some stuff from a more reputable source online, with CDT's and it's a tremendous difference. I paid less money, got a way better deal, and it even tastes safer to me. It's smooth on the inhale.

    The stuff i got from the vape shop tasted pretty volatile

  9. This is a vary bad alternative to thc
    This is made with beakers and tubes not earth and water .
    Or presses and exstractors
    I’ve smoked 2grams of delta 8 and I’m kinda worried about the long term effects if my lungs gunna stop working or loss of a eating ? Weed makes ya wanna eat this I hope doesn’t . Thcp is what we need to investigate.

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