I am a legal medical patient and caregiver in the state of Colorado. I follow all state laws and regulations. I do not condone underage smoking. I make these …


  1. Just by the CalMag, don't listen to people telling you your tap water covers you. I learned the hard way week 6 of flower because one plant starts backing off and leaves started looking yellow on the bottom and looked like rusty saw blades. Lack of Cal Mag which if you can't correct quick bye bye stacking and resonating. This Critical Orange Punch was smelling sweet and danky oh sticky too…. Hope to flush and unlock it and flush out. I have two plant's trellised out and 6 inch koalas across the canopy with coated sugar leaves and buds. I'm crossing my fingers. Wish I had topped off with soil not coco then I'd been ok.

  2. Flora series is a 3 part blend that give you the opportunity to dial in your feed between veg and flower. It's basically. Npk in each own bottle. Higher green in veg and higher pink in flower. Micro never really changes.

  3. I need help! Hit me up on Instagram @free_2_grow I’m new to growing and I’m using the products you’re using but I just hit the flowering stage. I’m in Michigan where it’s legal so I’m not trying to get you setup.

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