Obama On Legalizing Pot

During the first ever online White House town hall meeting, President Barack Obama answered a question submitted online about legalizing Marijuana to boost …


  1. I think it's dismissive of them to laugh this question. I wonder if they would have laughed if the question was whether or not it was right to end the prohibition on alcohol, or whether cigarettes should be prohibited. I think every human being has a right to his or her own life experiences, granted that these experiences don't have a negative effect on society or the individual. Besides, prohibition creates more problems than it causes. To not admit is ignorance or dishonesty.

  2. honestly you're so vague, i have no idea what side your on, or how you don't get what im saying. but, i'll elaborate even more. why would someone not get cancer from something that most definitely should give them cancer? could it be because sed thing has a cure for cancer? but, how about this; can you name the last study you looked at?

  3. oh and everyone that laughed just proved that they are also fucking retards, laughing at such an important topic is pathetic, these smug bastards think they are so fucking smart, well newsflash shitheads, you are complete morons and should be fucking ashamed of yourselves, its because of people like you that we still have this horrible war on drugs that is ruining the lives of millions of innocent people!

  4. You are obviously brainwashed by that stupid propaganda, marijuana does NOT kill braincells, alcohol kills braincells, marijuana stimulates the growth of new braincells, there is no legit study that proves that pot kills braincells.
    Pot doesnt make you lazy, while intoxicated you are relaxed and when you are sober you turn back to normal, so your arguments are invalid, nothing you say is good enough prove that we should continue to punish people for victimless crimes, its inhumane and wrong!

  5. they all laugh because it is a topic on which many people make fun of and call weed bad, when they ALL know it isn't. they are laughing at the ignorant people. weed is not a gateway drug. it is called this because of its legality and because it is illegal along with meth, cocain, shrooms and other "hard" drugs. if it was legal , it wouldn't be around these other drugs and drug dealers therefor canceling out the gateway part to it.

  6. hemp/mary jane is not a good economical choice….talk about bailout there it is my freind jobs,industry,taxes,investments it is a recipe for them all. this comes from the same goverment that used to require land owners to grow hemp,and by the way our economy was booming then.why doesnt goverment do some history lessons.

  7. Nick, you're a fucking moron. Apple was created by potheads. Now the world lives off them. I bet the potheads on this planet are more intelligent than your sorry condescending ass.

  8. fucking obama didnt even answer the question. he just gave his openion. sides that its not the prsidents job to tell you this shit its your own job to figure it out. if we let the government tell us whats good and bad for us we will just be relinquishing more and more control over the country. its already to the point where the feds dont give a shit about state law. correct me of im wrong but as far as i know feds have no authority over the state law.

  9. I am just appalled. Don't you people see how bad drugs are? Marijuana kills brain cells, and makes people lazy. Wouldn't you think this would inhibit job creation? Most non-potheads certainly would. Haha bunch of useless potheads.

  10. To be completely honest, I'd probably be better off If i had never started smoking pot, I have a very addictive perosnality and spent many years focussing on weed when I could have been focusing on a career… Not to say that isnt my fault, marijuana is fine when enjoyed responsibly, but not everyone can be responsible with said enjoyment, and there in lies the real issue.

  11. I'd like him to tell the world why it's bad for the economy and produce hard evidence not fabricated, in the EU alone, the powers that be have carried out a study the estimates if medicinal Cannabis was legal and taxed it would created around โ‚ฌ60 Billion in tax revenue alone, now your telling me the โ‚ฌ60B a year wouldn't help out economy's. The UK alone owes over ยฃ100 Billion for the banking farce, so in just under two years that debt wouldn't be paid of, are u an educated FOOL Obama.

  12. what is says about the online audiance is that they do not buy the bullshit of the FDA and Big Tobacco anymore and the private prison industry which is flourishing because people in this country are being treated like terrorists because they smoke pot. And let me reiterate…I am not a pot smoker. I am merely a product of a country that legalized pot a long time ago which caused for a decline in pot use of the population!!!!!!! One guess which country that is. You are fired Mr Obama!

  13. and we would make more money sellin pot in the usa cuz every pot head would buy not like cigs they consume pot everyday and every min if they could good luck crackin down every min and every hour cop ers

  14. i think we should legalize pot my reason is cuz it should be the indavials responsablity to decide wether or not he or she wants to smoke pot is not for every one just like beer and wisky or cigs. i dont think someone else should decide that for he or she its kinda judgemental and ur not supossed to judge people read the bible more and u know that obama and it says every seed bareing plant is ment for meat it does not say every seed barein plant but pot plants it says EVERY SEED BAREING PLANT

  15. Why thank you, Obama. You just illustrated how I feel about the White House "petitions…" the white house doesn't care. At all. That's obvious in their "answers" and obvious in their mocking laughter.

    No, I did not sign the petition addressing the marijuana issue. But I've signed others that were very important, and it's nice to know that we'll be laughed at just the same. I mean, I could tell from the "answers" given that you thought we were all idiots, but the mocking laughter's new to me.

  16. HE NEVER SAID IT SHOULDNT BE LEGALIZED! ๐Ÿ˜€ he's a cute kid and dont hate cause he's black. He tries his best as an icon and as a politician. And I am white for all you racist out there.

  17. Gotta love how everyone there, including the president, chuckles and laughed at this, as if it's not a serious issue. I think 750,000 people arrested for cannabis each year think it is a serious issue. How many people died from cannabis use last year? And from alcohol? Tobacco? Why don't you go smoke your Marlboro Reds and have a beer, Mr. President?

  18. @VelaToNorma7 Dude fuck you. Pothead are regular people, who don't wish death on others. I could win ANY argument for legalization. Some of the most successful and smartest people in this country smoke weed do shut the fuck up.

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