Obama Talks Marijuana – "Not In Favor Of Legalization"

The issue of legalizing marijuana was the top question for President Obama during his You Tube Q&A event. The President didn’t budge, as he said during the …


  1. That is not to help addicts but to stop funding terrorism. So you would like to see terrorism continue to recieve funding from the american people?

    Don't act like an idiot.

  2. hear us. so start and listen to the people who put you in that white house and not just your people next to you. we are and for ever will be the people that can take you out of the white house. we may not be important to your way of thinking but dammit we will not stop fighting for our rights and you need to see that we are here and will stay for what we want.

  3. Dear Obama, you are trying to change this and im sorry but look around marijuana is everywhere. people do it for different reasons. i like me yes i smoke it but you see i was hurt starting at the age of two. so i smoke it because it helps my pain go away. i dont have i medical insures to get a card so like about this god made us, god made this earth, so why would god make something that we cant use dont take what god gave us weed/marijuana is a part of the people you take it and you will

  4. hey guys lets get organised. go on to all videos about our civil freedoms (like recreational use of cannabis!) and Spread "WE WANT OUR FREEDOM BACK, AND WE WANT IT NOW! don't let them divide us! United we have all power over them!

  5. the cool thing about being human is being able to actively smoke weed, as appose to just being a dog, only being able to sit/jump in a smoke filled room. let me have my drugs dammit. or ill… ill… do nothing, but get high

  6. @smoothgerable Another brainwashed shit who thinks nobody who does anything has ever done weed.

    Many of my dad's pothead friends from high school are VERY successful now – business owners, lawyers, doctors, judges, etc. It's the person, not the drug.

  7. If it's a health problem –

    Is it illegal to be schizophrenic? Europe has figured out your "How do we shrink demand?" question. You legalize it. When it's okay, there's no rebellious aspect in doing it.

    Now if this is a free country, make it a free country. I should be able to do whatever I want with my body so long as I harm nobody else in doing it. Smoking a few bowls just to get baked hurts nobody but myself. If you want to restrict rights for my safety, ban fucking McDonald's.

  8. @d9thwonder wisely spoken, if i may add, ALL drugs were legal b4 1930ish, i mean all. but with criminalzing them, the cia gets richer( look up, fox news, marines growing opium). our gov., hipocritical gov, loves drugs, just not weed, cuz it cant b controlled. if u know how to grow a tomato plant, ur well on ur way to knowing how to grow a cannabis plant.

  9. 4-20-2012 You got a job? Go on strike until they legalize cannabis! It's the only way to get full scale recreational legalization! Be the change! All you have to do is spread the word to everyone you know and every website you visit! Start a chainmail, get pro pot organizations involved. Blog about it. Like it. Thumbs up this message everywhere you see it! Let this message grow like a weed! We are the Marijuana Nation! On 4-20-2012 don't go to work instead toke up and protest! WE ARE DEFIANT!

  10. @stric9merlinexile

    "Make potheads look bad"?!!?
    Why the fuck would I wanna make myself look bad?!

    The only way a cop can arrest you in your house is if you let them in, & let them look around, w/out a warrant. Or, if you live in some Nazi state, like Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc., then yeah – if you don't know the law, you're gonna get arrested, because the cops will be looking to bust people.

    But that's not an argument for legalization.

    Don't be an idiot – you wont get arrested

  11. @stric9merlinexile

    Hey, as I said – it's not an argument for legalization that your friends are idiots & got busted by the cops.

    In fact, an argument like that makes potheads look like blabbering, braindead, fucks.
    "Come on man – you only saw through the window, man."

    Get real.
    Sorry to hear your weed has glass in it, HAHAHA!!!

  12. @stric9merlinexile

    If you're walking around with a QP for personal use – you're a jackass.

    Also, just because your friends are idiots, that doesn't mean marijuana should be legalized. Maybe you & your crew should slow down on it!

    And, pretty much everywhere (save Ohio), you get jail time for that much…most states have decriminalized under an ounce, whether officially, or not. You don't need any more than that.

    Are you buying your weed from coke dealers?! Glass & brick?! HAHAH!!!

  13. @stric9merlinexile

    Dude – I lived in Kansas, which is far more strict on the laws concerning marijuana than Texas, & no cops were bothering me in my home. If I'm walking down the street lighting up, or smoking in public, perhaps I'd get in trouble…but not in my backyard.

    I know EXACTLY where my shit is coming from…& the times I don't…it's only marijuana, it ain't sprayed with Raid or whatever else people get scared of.

    If it's taxed, prices will go up – that's how it is w/ everything

  14. @four2nothin

    And it's not…unless you live in small-town USA, where the police have nothing better to do than look for people doing things they're not supposed to be doing.

    In that case, if you live in such an area, why not limit your use to strictly indoors? What's the harm in that? No cop can come arrest you in your house.

    It's fine the way it is – it's fine being cheap, readily available, & tax-free. It's not preventing anyone from smoking.

  15. @four2nothin

    Think about it logistically though…yeah, I know that's the reason people want it legalized ; so they don't get in trouble!

    But smokers aren't going to jail! Traffickers are! No "Joe Pothead" is getting arrested for smoking a joint in America, unless you live in small-town USA (which I have). In Massachusetts, anything under an ounce is a 100 dollar ticket, in Ohio, anything up to a quarter pound is a civic violation, in Denver, display or use in public gets you a ticket.

  16. @Exiled86

    Ok man – I hear ya…

    You want it to be regulated by the government, taxed, & available at stores.

    I DON'T want it regulated by the government, I DON'T want it taxed, & I like the prices the way they are, so I'll opt to just get it from my guy, rather than having my government decide how much it should be.

    You want less laws, by having more laws?!???!!!

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