Odorless Mason Jar Cannabis Oil

Here’s another great way to make cannabis infused oil or butter. It’s super easy, and it’s virtually odorless! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!


  1. You’d add about 5 fl oz because you always lose some oil. If you want your tincture or balm strong, I think 1/8 oz of flower is about right. Think of it like about 4 joints worth of thc per fluid oz, i.e., 1/4 fluid oz equals about a fat joint’s worth of thc…

  2. Like your channel a lot! You need to consider the ratio of flower per oz of oil. For a truly potent tincture or pain rub made from bud (not trim), I suggest 3.5 grams of cured flower pre-decarb per fluid oz of oil. So, for 8 oz of infused oil, use about 9-10 oz of oil to 28-30 grams of flower. Better to decarb your bud in oven first, then after it cools put in mason jar, add oil and put in croc pot water bath on high for at least a few hours. Mix the hell out of it frequently while it is in the crock infusing…after the oil is infused, strain with cheesecloth, then with coffee filter if you want super clean tincture (takes time to strain through the coffee filter, but worth it- no solids!). I like to add a couple drops of organic cinnamon oil…

  3. Great vid! I was wondering…I wanna make ganache, so I thought about infusing the cream with flowers, but I don’t want it to smell, can i follow the same method? Instead of oil, cream? Thanks c:

  4. So as long as you keep the temperature below 225 and don't allow it to touch the bottom surface, Ball Mason Jars are perfectly safe being simmered on stove top? No cracking? And the rubber sealant on the lids stay intact and don't disintegrate? I use a volcano vaporizer for my medical cannabis and instead of throwing it away, I am looking to make small batches of oil along way with my already vaped (and decarbed) bud.

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