Ohio Rejects Marijuana Legalization: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  2. The companies that paid to get the measure put on the ballot are a symptom of the downfall of our country. That's how our political system is. Businesses decide our future, not us. Any bill/law is over 60% more likely to pass or fail depending on the support of businesses, regardless of the will of the people. And then there's the issue of those bills/laws being written by those businesses. "Corporate America" is the TRUE "America." Anyone who believes differently is deluding themselves. We let it become that way, and we don't have the will to change it. Not when faced with…
    Oooo! Shiny! Did you see the new show on Netflix? Did you catch the game? If you're not so busy that you don't have the time or energy to fact check, research, or think, then you're a lazy bum who should get a job. If you are that busy, then you should be grateful just to HAVE a job!
    We're all guilty of perpetuating it. The methods and arguments change based on which way you lean, but they still come down to the same thing.

  3. The only reason governments are actually considering legalisation is because they can make millions of dollars… what a bunch of fucking hypocrites… for years we were told it was illegal because it was so bad for us, now they are selling it to us as 'medicinal'… un-Fucking-believable

  4. The idea that pot makes most users lazy and fat is just wrong. People who were already lazy and fat just get more lazy and fat, and people in good shape have no trouble whatsoever staying in shape. If anything, weed is a great way to regulate your appetite and will HELP you maintain a healthy weight

  5. See… I was thinking that legalizing recreational Marijuana is a BRILLIANT idea for a state that is in difficult financial circumstances – think about it, everyone in nearby states would come over weekends! My hubby & I are already thinking of visiting Massachusetts for a couple days..

  6. Oh my god… weed smokers are so painfully contrarian, they won't support an effort to legalise weed because it would mean someone might get rich.

    "a state sanctioned cartel"

    That's not what a cartel is. Just because there are a limited number of companies does not mean the price is actually controlled. 10 different companies is hugely varied choice. For example what choice to you have in airplanes? It's Boeing or Airbus, that's it. That doesn't make it a cartel. It's not a monopoly either. Mono = 1, Ten = 10.

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