Oil From Cannabis Used To Treat Anxiety, Depression

CBS Miami’s Rudabeh Shahbazi reports on Cannabidiol (CBD) which is being used by some people to treat health problems like anxiety, insomnia, depression, …


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  4. Been struggling with depression for 13 years. Cannabis helped me in 10 months that no meds did for 13 years.
    It changed my life. It didn't alter my mind or change me as a person. Yet it made me acknowledge my true self and made me love myself and be proud of who I am. It is saddening that such a powerful plant got such a bad reputation because of all the pot heads that do it for fun.

  5. Really? No way it causes any damage to the liver. Def a man repping big pharma. Ive eaten over 2,000mg thc in one sitting…Stomach issues may come from oil that wasnt filtered enough. Tiny hairs can irritate the stomach and intestinal lining..lowers blood pressure allowing vessels to relax..OTHER than that..NO harmful side effects…MIRACLE MEDICINE..just hurts A LOT of pockets if u can grow your own medicine. Think about it..economy would crash if we all stopped eating there pills.

  6. Tell this news to fucking b b c media of Britain whole country are suffering from depression but this present evil government do not treat people who are suffering from depression what a evil of the evil government in the British history

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