OPEN that book RICH! Ep 2 Tatsuyuki Tanaka Cannabis Works

Going into episode two of my “book collection exploration” this one came out in 2003. I wasn’t sure in the video when….but I checked after I recorded it. Fantastic …


  1. theres a virtual fighter comic by katsuya terada. its in Japanese and in color. its similar to the style he did the monkey king comics. its rare but if you can find it that'd be a cool item to collect.

  2. I was lucky enough to find this book for 5 buck in my own neighborhood, and after watching this video I have to say I believe in destiny a lot more now. this has to be favorite channel because I feel like I can relate to you as a human being with all the positive advice you are offering. its like your speaking to me because I had my own doubt in my mind for awhile and now hearing it come from your mouth says a lot to me. really looking forward to seeing you use your new cintiq since I just got myself a Mobile Studio Pro for an amazing price and want to learn to use it. I want to be a really good artist if I can make money then cool but I just want to be really good. sorry for being all over the place with this comment its like 5 am and am up just checking out your videos. thank you and keep them coming.

  3. この本持っていたなぁ。

  4. "Enthusiasts of contemporary comic art are in for a treat with this compelling collection of artwork from Tanaka Tatsuyuki, whose credits include storyboards for Gainax Studio's Secret of Blue Water and work with Studio 4C. In the vein of progressive world class comic artists including Katsuya Terada and Mobius, Tatsuyuki's illustration work ranges from the innocence of Moomins to nightmarish urban imagery of robots, punks, violence and weird and twisted indescribable beings. This deluxe hardcover coffee table book will fit right into the collections of any anime fan interested in unusual art, or the collection of art collector's with an interest in post-modern comic styles"

  5. Oh, these are so good. I appreciate your videos so much. I've been discovering and re-discovering artists and you've helped me find the way to making comics and making art in general, so I want to thank you and ask you to keep up with making these amazing videos and making comics.

  6. That's insane! I've never heard of that one, I'll have to check it out. It's funny how tastes shift over time. In High School I didn't like, for example, Mignola at all for some reason. Now he's one of my favorites. I love that you are going back to stuff, it's a great way to see how we all change over time.

    Also – tin can head grandma in the chair is the coolest thing ever.

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