Indoor marijuana grow organic autoflower harvest. This indoor garden consists of one autoflower plant – Caramelicious by MSNL Genetics. Grow Series Playlist- …


  1. 50,000 subscribers!!! Thank you all so much!! I will continue to push myself to make better videos. I just invested in a new computer that can handle video editing wayyyy better than my laptop could. I was thinking about doing another Q&A soon; it's been awhile! Ask questions here and I may just answer them in a future video 😉

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  2. If you didnt use the microbes in water, how would that effect the dry nutes being used? Could the microbes used have an effect on the deficiencies you observed ?

  3. You had a deficiency this run because of the constant over watering. You were literally washing the nutrients out of the plant by watering it so much. You also shouldnt be giving a gallon of water at a time so young. Small amounts at a time. The roots need a reason to grow. When the medium drys out that’s when the roots go on the hunt for water and thus grow. If you’re worried about the medium drying out and microbes dying you shouldn’t. Compost teas and doing what you’re doing for the microbial life replenishes it. And let’s not forget about worm castings.

  4. Thanks Chris, great content! You have helped us with our first grow, and we are moving into our 2nd growing season with some solid knowledge and confidence. Cheers

  5. I use the 48hr darkness method as I did see a scientific lab test showing it increases thc by 2%, I do notice a slight difference in the 2 day dark period plus its 2 days of extra grow with no electric use which is a bonus

  6. Why on earth do SO many cannabis growers leave all those dead/dying, yellow, brown, spotty leaves on their plants so long? "Fall colors" are nice on a Sunday drive, but those leaves are contributing nothing to the plant's growth, they're just blocking light & airflow from areas that are still growing, and attracting diseases and pests. You're checking on the plants often anyway, so cut that garbage off as it dies. Let your plants breathe a little.
    (I think it comes from people watching big grows where they just don't have time to trim dead leaves off a hundred plants every week, so they wait and defoliate all the dead shit at once near the very end. So homegrowers think having a half-dead-looking plant is normal or don't even think about it, apparently. It's just plain lazy, honestly.)

  7. Fist off I appreciate your videos they are very helpful. I have one question though. How would I know how much nutrients I should be feeding the plant? I'm fairly new to this and was wondering where a good starting point would be. Thank u .

  8. I think you should keep the leavs and ones that are really green, dry them and sieve them to dust and sprinkle that powder around the plant pot! Not only does a plant store NITROGEN in the green leaves everything else a plant needs is stored in the leaves, what a cannabis plant needs is stored in the cannabis leafs for ITSELF it's perfect especially organic leaves
    And add a couple of earth worms to each plant pot from the you garden outside, night time is best time to catch them. They'll eat all dead organic matter and pop out readily available nutrients, should help with discolouration and worm castings make roots grow crazy!

  9. Light seemed pretty far away, 3-4ft or so. What's the ppfd at 3-4 feet away? Probably could have been ~12-18" away like most HLG reccomendations, might help the plant get more work done next time!

  10. Appreciate the great videos. And you're right you posting all videos even if they are not your best grows definitely helps people learn just as much as your best grows. Thanks again man. Take it easy

  11. Here's one for you…. Have you ever heard of an Autoflower going to Day 154, with about 2 more weeks yet to go before harvesting? She started out looking like a baby cabbage when she sprouted but I decided to continue to grow her just to see where she was going. I trimmed her early of the "cabbage" leaves and she soon started to look like a real cannabis plant. I nicknamed her "Tiny Tim" because her growth was so far behind her 5 sisters. She eventually turned into a beautiful lady with really nice colas and I can't wait to harvest, dry, cure, & smoke this forever plant. She smells really good, too. But, 154 days??? Is this a genetics issue? None of the 6 plants were consistent in their growth, yield, & trichome activity, although all received the same nutrients, training, water, light, & love. One plant yielded only 13 grams while another produced 97 grams. Go figure…. The seeds were White Widow Autoflower Feminized, from Crop King Seeds. Really strange (and exciting) first grow.

  12. i think spectrum shock is a myth .. i used to grow indoor a few year back and every sunny day when i was about the house all i day put the plants into the garden for a bit of sunlight .. The plants spent half there life indoors and half outdoors just dependid on the weather .. so i think its a myth .. or as we English say "its a load of bollocks " . love the vids especially the small 3 ft x 3ft cheap light grows as they are really helpfull to us up n coming gardeners .. keep up the good work ..

  13. You could do 50/50 Hydrogen Peroxide/ Purified or distilled water to get extra nutrient uptake in the roots. H2O2 ya know. I saw a video by Black Dog led where they flush before harvest with very cold water to make the plant sense end of growing season and forces energy to trichome production.

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