Outdoor Cannabis Grow best tips for Harvesting, drying and trimming your buds

outdoorgrow #harvest #cannabis This this video we talk about my outdoor grow and how I harvest trim and dry my plants. This is a legal marijuana grow and …


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  2. I hate to tell you this bro but you didn't help with anything people were asking you how to trim weed so they could trim their weed so it looks good You do not trim any parts of the way to show people how to trim it correctly you should name your videos how to trim if you're not doing any trimming you waste in 8 minutes talking about bullshit Next time please don't smoke before you make a video you have to learn to focus and stay on point sir lol

  3. This is my first year growing hemp. I hung the plants up in my barn to dry. I estimated them to dry in about 5-7 days. With the extreme dry hot conditions they dried to an almost crisp condition in 2 days. Now I'm having a real hard time processing them cause their too dry. Most of the flower is just crumbling. The Cbd potency is strong but plants are too dry to work with. What can I do to salvage my crop?
    Can it be processed for oil?

  4. 32 degrees this Thursday night in pots- 15 gallon and some 5 gallon – 4 – 5ft.l of hard nug. Will they be ok or should I bring them in the garage? 32 is the low and then sunrise in Boulder

  5. It's all personal view points I have seen one tru fact that one way to trim is better than the other personally I like wet trimming but I also dry in dry racks. And I have never had a complaint and I have been growing only four yrs. Also have been told that mine was some of the best they had all yr. And the ones that told me that have decades under their belt

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