Outdoor Cannabis Plants Almost Ready for Harvest ⏳

Some of my cannabis plants are almost ready for harvest, about half a dozen. They’re all different strains too. Nutrients I used to grow these plant outdoors: …


  1. Can anyone assist on info of a plant s stock or base stem , once the stock turns from being green to wood like color, do I have to wait for the stock to turn into a light brown color? The plant is in 5th week flower stage and the stock s color of green is changing but not all thru.. Its my first outdoor plant…

  2. Perfect size plants 👌 I guess the size of the pot is how big the plant will be. That what I'm doing next year. All 5 gallons. Thanks for the idea. You got skill myman. Keep on posting.

  3. This 2 week system you are implementing is awesome, I really appreciate all your videos and your shroom attitude is excellent!! The micro dosing seems to be working out for you, happy as hell🥳 stay lifted my friend, until next time brother

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