Outdoor Harvest Day -HD- Legal Medical Marijuana plants

We had to take the outdoor plants down before they were done. Its Washington State and the 20th of October. Weather forecast is rain and more rain and the …


  1. I live in wa and my headband is almost ready. I always chop by the 15th with perfect buds besides rot. Why does it take you til the 20th and hairs are still white? Hmmm I'm ready to harvest my headband in a few days the hairs are nice and browning up. Ill try post a vid

  2. I live in washington and the woods here is just like yours,anyways my question is,if I planted a weed plant in the ground like that colorful one you hade I mean would I have to water it?I don't have to water. the forest I mean will the weed plant grow with out watering it ?

  3. maybe a good place to pose my question,i hte it when ppl say this stuff,ha,but the best weed i ever smoked,igrew, in the early 70s i was bringin in a lot of wieght from mexico,one particular batch was very good smoke,with big black meaty seeds,i saved an oz or so,went and planted off the river in november among a large patch of gret ragweed,if you know what that is,it camoflages the herb and generaly heard that it would grow as tall as the ragweed,whitch often exceeds seven feet…any how,i returned maybe in june or so to find about 30 plants about seven feet,tho they had not formed buds yet,and im sure there had to be males among them,the plants were pretty bushy as well,i didnt relish the idea of returning to the patch,paranoid.so i pulled them all and dried them out,as i say,im quite sure it was the best smoke ive indulged in,,i recall friends pulling off the road and parking their cars cause they couldnt drive,ha,stuff like that….so finaly heres my question,if one jerks the plant before budding,it would seem from my expierience that the thc is distributed throughout the whole plant in close proportion,some hopefully has a definitive answer,as well,if the male plant is pulled before pollenation it would seem,also from this expierience,that it is as potent as the female,,,,your response will be appreciated

  4. Yeah it sucks with the short season, sorry to hear you had similar problems. Ever try growing an autoflower outdoors? They only take 90 days or so, so you can harvest them while the weather is good. Some like "Think Different" are pretty good yielders too. Not like a photo, but not bad and stealthier size. Good luck!

  5. I would flush if I weren't using organic nutrients inside or outside. These were all organic. If I were using synthetics I'd water them with plain ph'd water the last 2 weeks or so

  6. Sucks to work so hard for so long and only get a few ounces. I've had plenty of years like that. Next year is always much better though, learn a lot each time and work out the kinks.

    For me, I live on a hillside and I have to fight flowering too early since I don't get full sun. I have that mostly worked out this year and expect a pretty respectable haul.

    Good luck with your next grow!

  7. Yeah it was really disappointing! Weather here is tough to deal with. This year we are growing a faster finishing plant outdoors so we don't have to worry about it!

  8. Worst issues for me have been not finishing and bud rot at the end like I was saying on your other post. I'd just make sure to dig a big hole and put in good soil mix and get some sun!

  9. Hey man! Good luck! I've grown outdoors around here for a few years now. This crop was horrible because it didn't get to finish. Didn't weigh it, but probably got 6-8 ozs? Worse year yet. I've got a pound off one critical mass plant out here a few years ago. It got bud rot at the end so lost some. If it starts raining in the fall get out there immediately and shake them off or harvest! Good plan man good luck!

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