Outdoor Home Grow Ep 04 – Flowering Your Cannabis Plants

In this video we teach you how to gauge what week of flowering you’re in, how weather will affect flowering outdoors, how to spot mold and minimize it’s harm, …


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  2. I appreciate how much thought went into this. Everyone seems to have the same thoughts. Before this series I watched a video that had 117K views. The video was NOTHING compared to this. Thank you.

  3. I learned a lot. First time growing. Not gonna lie I thought my plant died. Half the leafs burnt up from the sun. So I pretty much striped them off. And now I just kinda left nature do itโ€™s thing and whatta know itโ€™s flowering! And looking and smelling great!

  4. dude you talk about frost and other issues but don't say how to combat it or work against it. also what happens if I start a plant in August, will it start flowering early or will it flower a few months down the line?

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