Outdoor Locomotion Marijuana Harvest (Time Lapse)

Mendo Dope Vision brings you this time lapse outdoor harvest of Locomotion, a new TGA Genetics and Heroes Of The Farm collab strain Blue City Diesel …


  1. Man you guys are outstanding !! I'm fixing to try and do the same thing you guys are doing I got a lot of years growing but never anything the size of the plants you guys grow RESPECT!!
    Going to try and do six plants in thousand gallon pots fabric this summer.
    Any one single biggest tip or challenge you faced growing a plant like backdraft, I already know it's an ass load of work.
    Once again , RESPECT Brothers!!

  2. how many pounds total you guys got of all those plants? I'm falling you guys steps to grow but in 100 gallons, hopefully I get some good yield, thanks for sharing this with us, the people, it's dope,

  3. i love your grows and your music too. i wish i can live in norcal. hate german very much, this f.cking laws and politicians make nothing for the community, all wat they make goes in there own pocket…………. hate hate hate. this locomotion is a pure fire strain i think i want to grow this girl wat you guys had the last year in your garden. you guys don´t stop
    peace out mori

  4. Thanks guys for all the knowledge you share, especially when it comes to proper caging. We keep hoping and praying for change in Florida. Maybe sometime in the next few years it will be legal over here. With an 8-10 month outdoor season, I believe some good work could be done with equatorials in our state, and I would love to be able to implement some of the caging techniques you guys use .

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