Pain Relief Balm with Infused Coconut Oil

How Do Marijuana-Infused Topical’s Work? Cannabis-infused lotions, salves, oils, sprays, and other transdermal methods of relief work by binding to a network …


  1. Thank you i may try this for pain. I can't afford to continually buy pain salve but I can certainly make my own. I am a candle maker and have made lip balms in past so this is easy to do.

  2. Thank you so much I am learning so much about oils I love this I can't wait to get started on making my own essential oils thank you for making it look so easy. PS. I don't like lavender either I hate that smell.

  3. I know this is an old video, but I have a couple students with Ehlers Danlos, and you’re an absolute warrior to be so frank and informative about your condition. I have RA myself (which is why I’m looking up pain relief salves)

  4. I have made some face masks with turmeric, and it stains. Do you have an issue with staining from using the turmeric powder? It doesn't seem so from your video. BTW…I really enjoy all of your videos.

  5. Diamond Delight Edibles, where is the coconut oil in the introduction of your video?? Your title says Pain Relieve Balm with Infused Coconut Oil

  6. What can I use in replace of the tapioca startch. Have an intollerance to potato. I did order some lesathin, waiting for that to arive. Just made a batch. Smells amazing. Thanks.

  7. If I use my home grown where it's content of Cannabinoids are THC 19.02 CBD .10 CBN .07 to make the infuse coconut oil needed for your recipe; would it be ok? Would it have the pain relief?

  8. your enthusiasm and tenacity is comforting, charming and i enjoy your videos. thanks for all your tips cause im one to say i refer back to you for notes and ideas. your great

  9. I just love your channel , i have made this cream in the past with a different recipe that was not near as good as yours. I am so glad i found your your channel with all your awesome recipes. I can't wait to try everything you make ♥️

  10. can't wait to make this for myself, friends and family! Thanks for making this video for all of us to learn from, by far the most in depth video i have came across on the internet!

  11. This looks great! I'll give it a go soon.
    Even though you may not like the smell of lavender, just know it is miraculous for burns. If you put it on a burn right away you will have no redness, throbbing, soreness, nothing. Absolutely amazing stuff.

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