PAR Light Quality LEDs & HID: Plant Grow Light Basics -101 (pt 1)

Selecting artificial grow lights can require quite a bit of research and sometimes growers are faced with conflicting information. How can we select the best lights …


    Controlling Tip Burn in Lettuce:
    Light Cycle Duration and DLI:
    Red Light vs Blue Light & Plant Growth
    Calculating LED costs vs payoffs:
    What does PPF/Joule mean?
    What about coverage area?

    LED Light growth tests:
    Infinity Linear (LED vs T5):
    UFO SMD vs Single COB LED w/ Time-lapse:

  2. I'll just add my thanks to the pile of gratitude below. Great job. Now if you'd just run over to my house and hold my hand while I order some grow lights. You're probably busy. So I'll keep watching and brave that cluttered landscape alone.

  3. Thanks for all your thoughtful care and energy in providing this information. I have a green house and want to upgrade from the original T-12 fluorescent to something more advanced. This is very helpful.

  4. Have Plant my dog chewed off 3 of the lower Kola stems to the stem. I have a main source of Light in my grow Bulb and saw the lower part of plant too far from top main Light. I decided to brainstorm and bought Amazon cheap 18$ T5 LED 14 INCH LIGHT STICKS ( A PAIR OR SET OF 2 LIGHTS) I GOT THEM TO USE AS ADDED MISC LIGHT SOURCE FOR BOTTOM OF PLANT WHERE MY DOG CHEWED OFF. I place the LEDS on side of bottom plant of opposite ends while using my main top grow bulb on top giving me a prism like radius. I set LEDs at yellow and blue and BAM!! 3 TO 5 DAYS LATER THE CHEWED UP KOLAS grew back same size as top plant. Im now set the lights to full spectrum( blue, yellow, red) and noticed leaves more dense and edges more defined along with more growth. Setting to full spectrum was to get plant ready to flower as full spectrum gives that sunrise, sunset spectrum of changing seasons.. Them cheap Amazon LEDS are great to use as misc lights along with your main grow lights..

  5. Hey bro I have been looking at adjustable spectrum LEDs while most are 2700k adjustable upwards I was able to find a brand called globe which has a 2000k-5000k am I the only one highly interested by this? They are not super efficient at only about 80 lumens per watt but I think that is with a frosted cover if that were removed I believe they would be more efficient?
    My thought is to do an experiment starting a lighting cycle at 2000k and every hour going up 500k then once I reach 5000k to start going back down until I get back to 2000k.
    Do you think this lighting pattern will simulate natural lighting patterns and achieve better plant growth?

  6. HELP!
    Hi, I’m trying to grow strawberries in wertical-hidrophonic system and trying it fully indoor. I have too many problems. Brown roots, burnt leaves ect. Need your all advices.

  7. Fantastic video! 🤓 I really like that you provided facts with hilighted resources. I also appreciate that you spoke clear and slow to give my brain time to absorb the information. Additionally, thank you for addressing the green spectrum of light. I’m a new medical cannabis grower and there’s a ton of misinformation out there. ✌🏼Cheers.

  8. From your PPFD graph located at the end of your video the CFL would be at 2.75” and the 3 LED’s at 8.75” then you would approximately 800PPFD at the canopy, yielding equivalent flux densities. Of course the CFL would burn the plant because of heat generated. Thanks.

  9. Hey thanks for the info !

    I just have a question. If i were build a panel and fit a bunch of 3500k led light bulbs , 3w each – would thay work as a grow light? Or something along these lines

  10. I love how much emotion and emphasis you put into your dialogue. It really grabbed me and helped me stay with you when you were talking. Also some great information, especially for a novice green thumb like myself.

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