Pat Robertson Wants To Legalize Pot

Pat Robertson came out in favor of marijuana legalization on the 12/22/2010 episode of The 700 Club.


  1. Pat just sees an opportunity in this, because he knows there are 2 kinds of people who watch the 700 club: religious conservatives and stoners who are mesmerized by his Yoda ears.

  2. People who don't know squat about the effects of MJ need to shut their mouth.  Yes Pat it will ruin young lives, cause losses in time and space, damage their brain and is more cancerous then a cigarette.  If their driving under the influence they are a hazard. 

  3. I don't understand what we are scared of, if we was to legalize it the revenue from marijuana alone would solve all our debt crises…this is ridiculous that we cant see the forest for the trees I may be saying that wrong but you get it.. Florida is a scared state and it is up to us to change that… so reply to this, write your leaders and lets fix what's wrong . its the drug lords and smugglers that win when weed is illegal.. what's right about that… we could be putting our kids through school with the money spent to make a perfectly natural plant a criminal act to posses cant wait to hear your opinions' if you dare!!!!!!!!!.

  4. For the first time since ol' Pat hit the airwaves, he's making sense!

    What next? GW Bush coming out of the pot closet? (If he admits that he kissed maryjane during his administration, I'm quitting!)

  5. You guys know thta Bill O['reilly accidentally defended marijuana once for adult use but was freaked out about "the children  , we have to think of the children ,so he was for illegalizing it for the children !"

  6. You have failed to provide any evidence that he could somehow be "nutty." All you've done is tossed out an unfounded insult at a very kind-hearted, gentle, perfectly sane man, without backing it up.

    You are the only nut here.

  7. Our liberty is at stake. Abraham Lincoln said "A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded." George Washington and other founding fathers grew hemp and it seems very likely used it for euphoric purposes. Cannabis is much safer than alcohol. In the last 30 years however there have been over 22 million arrests for cannabis, incarcerating non-violent offenders, and branding many youths lifelong criminals driving them to commit more crime.

  8. The seizure rates at the US border also should convince us to tax, legalize and regulate to starve the Mexican cartels of their lifeline. In 2009, almost 1.5 million kilos of cannabis were seized along the Mexican border the second highest item seized, Cocaine, only 17,085 kilos. Real Americans are loosing their lives fighting the border war and regulation could halt a lot of trafficking, keeping US dollars at home where they belong.

    LEGALIZE CALIFORNIA 2014 "the560k"

  9. Wooooooooooow…a few ounces, Pat? Good job, man! BRAVO! That took a lot of guts, I must say. I never would have thought I'd hear something like THAT from the 700 Club without the whole show doing a 180.

  10. Actually, most states have sodomy laws already, so its not that he is wanting to make it illegal, it already is. Don't just get all emotional and leave reason at the door, if you want to call yourself tree bark go ahead with my blessing. Just stay the hell out of my yard.

  11. – Wants to criminalize homosexuality
    – Wants to oppress and punish young people for being gay
    – Says that punishing young people for doing drugs harms them
    – Complains that we lock up people for no good reason for doing drugs


    I support the legalization of drugs, but… wat.

  12. Holy crap.
    I think I must have fallen into some kind of wormhole and ended up in a mirror universe of some kind.
    Where a neo-conservative Black Man is turning the United States into a police state and Pat Robertson wants to legalize marijuana.

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