Pennsylvania Cannabis Legalization News with Senator Leach

Pennsylvania Cannabis Legalization News Senator Leach of Pennsylvania joins us LIVE to discuss the cannabis bill he calls, “the best bill in the nation.


  1. My ex used to say growing is easy, it's the seed and soil that matters. And he was good at it. I hope he knows about this…if he's managed to survive this long.


    all PA weed at legal dispenseries is pretty garbage except maybe rythm and it's all way way over priced. thisis what happens when you implement a completely corrupt medical cannabis system like pa.
    just think how disgusting it is our state calls this medicine and there is 0 organic options or veganic options , and anything related to health is the furthest thing from pa dispernseries, growers and politicians minds. it' absolute criminal we can not grow our own cannabis meds to assure safety and quality and are forced to buy from ppl who paid the PA politicans for the right to sell us "meds". instead we have to smoke bud that is not tested for mildew or pesticides or anything. fuck pa and fuck pa dispenseries, and yes i have my card but only use it in dire emergency or at times for rso so i dont have to make it.
    enjoy your cornered market while you have it you government shills, we all know soon we get grow rights your over priced garbage is gonna have to lower prices allot and step up their grow game or gtfo. anyone invovled in this sham should seriously be ashamed of themselves for participating in this bullshit. go ahead ppl look into the corrupt shit that is the application process to own a dispensery or grow facility in PA and do the math. it is built for corruption rife with political constituent favoritism as well as favoritism for those with the most money. i mean the panel approving this shit first makes sure you have millions in escrow before even applying then the application has the applicants names right on it, they dont hide that from the ppl decidng who gets a license so i hope you know somebody because these huge weed companies sure dowhen they decide who to give a license to, yet they limit the amount of license. jeez i wonder if the panel reviewing the applications at all favors ppl who padded their pockets on the DL or ppl they know or invest in etc. no way should this application process be like this. so again fuck all y'all governmet weed pigs

  3. 18:57 microgrower license
    20:42 bulk flower allowed
    24:20 Price of Microgrower license
    28:45 Effect on black market sales
    29:35 Criminal Record effects on eligibility of license
    30:33 PA Cannibus Convictions Expunged
    31:13 PA residency requirements
    32:00 PAs bureaucracy explained(in a nutshell 😂 )
    32:59 Size of PA SB 350 as compared to other states
    34:45 Results of Nixon Study on Cannibus
    35:11 Incites into the bureaucracy & how to gain political support PA SB 350
    36:37 he’s not joking tho 🙃
    38:12 PA Deficit Problem due to Covid 😳
    38:45 2021 opportunity to Sign SB 350 in Law
    39:34 PAs Potential of Growth as compared to other states
    40:06 Daylin Leach’s mind gets blown 😂
    41:01 PA Auditor General & Appropriations Committee studies on ancillary business growth… 😳
    41:52 Comparing PAs legalization of Gambling…
    42:31 “WHERE DOES SB 350 SIT NOW?”

    47:09 How to find your legislator:


  4. "Write [your legislators] a nice note on the back of a $100 bill"

    That's actually legal in PA. Lobbyists are allowed to give "gifts" to legislators. Maybe not cash, but definitely things of value.

  5. I sure wish Senator Leach could reach out and help an ex-heroin addict (2004-2007 Franklin County) from a completely unnecessary and devastating raid on my home..Aug 24 Franklin County…
    I am a collector of different genetics for different ailments….i can't afford medical marijuana or unknown, possibly Fentynal laced , black market marijuana since Covid-19 hit in March, 2020…..
    I lost my job in March. I was unable to collect payment for my previous 10 months work, due to Covid-19…..I literally invested everything my family had, into my building a small , (4×4) grow in my shed…. Ive been only learning since March 2020….i only had 2 plants in flower and a bunch of males and weak plants i had not had time to discard after sorting.. 24 in total… facing MANDATORY 3yr sentence for EXPERIMENTING on how to grow hydroponics…..i lost everything….6yrs of collecting different and very rare strains……simply because an active opioid addict got pinched, and purposely set me up on a single ounce sale, Just to raid my family's home….Because im an ex-fellon…..I ONLY SMOKE POT , To cope n deal with my traumatic PTSD from being forced to prison all my life, consistently….
    Im all but 50yrs old…..I have never dared touch cocaine or Heroin since my 2007 arrest….i paid dearly and never dared to do such a thing to myself, ever again….Then my best freind gets pinched for heroin in 2010, and sets me up, on my last arrest on record, for an ounce sale of pot……
    I've spent most of my adult life in State prisons, all because I was an addict to other peoples drugs……drugs I have nothing to do with…….
    I am scared to death to buy street weed because of what might b sprayed on it, from fentanyl to synthetics…….I KNOW WHAT I GROW…….but im looking at a 5-10yr sentence because im a marijuana medicinal user for the past 30 years……I feel like giving up on life totally. I'm an embarrassment and a disgrace to my family….my kids are devastated….and i had NO IDEA HOW TO EVEN GROW IT YET…..Im devastated, literally…….
    My email is

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