Permission Not Needed: CBD Legalization Despite Federal Prohibition

The feds maintain an almost complete ban on commercially-available CBD products. But a market has still grown – and is thriving.


  1. This is false. Hemp based CBD oils are not banned by the federal government because they do not contain any THC. If it were illegal, then you wouldn't be able to ship it as that is interstate commerce, which is why, for instace, you cannot buy cannibis through the mail even if you live in a state with medical MJ or full legalization.

  2. the FED does not have jurisdiction upon citizens of the states as they may pursue their Liberty and happiness. the FED only has jurisdiction upon those who submit for agreed upon exchange of protections, or those who are within their jurisdiction, i.e. Federal seed lands properties and such. The free market arena is beyond their purview, just as France or the Moon is.

  3. Over the past 45 years I have never needed a government issued permit slip ,or to talk to a doctor in order to obtain some pot . In fact it has been as easy to come by as finding a Mountain Dew in a drink machine or a store . And I have never lived anywhere as of yet where it was "legal" . But for any individual to go after CBD oils that are void of THC is to shine a spotlight upon themselves saying "I AM OWNED BY BIG PHARMA !" "AND I HATE THE HUMAN RACE ! " "BUT IF THEY HAVE MONEY I WANT THEIR MONEY BEFORE THEY DIE !"

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