Photoperiod Cannabis Grow Start To Finish – Weeks 1-6

This video is intended for 18+ audience. If you are not 18+ please don’t watch this!** Hi everyone thank you so much for watching my videos! if you have not …


  1. Great vid! A few questions… Can you tell me how much water should you be giving your plants in each stage? #2 Do you PH your teas?{before or after you add your ingredients} #3 Can you over fertilize with dry amendments?

  2. So when is the best time to top the plant and also how long do you veg for? Just curious I’m like 33days from sprout so far and all I’ve really done is removed a few lowest leaves from the bottoms and tied them down just a little

  3. I’m on day 5 of sprout and my seeds barely have the first set of true leaves. I have two under a 100w cfl 8-10 inches from the sprouts and I’m watering using the knuckle method. Desperate for help will take any advice from people who know what they’re doing

  4. I needed this video!!!!! Starting my first grow and I've been feeling down because I felt like I'm not doing enough but after watching this I'm more confident that I'm doing this grow right!!!! Keep us updated!!!

  5. Better then worm castings actual worms go outside at night and look for worms in your backyard put then in a tray and just put them in every plant pot atleast 2 they love coco and evey leaf that comes off dry em grind to a powder and sprinkle ontop the worms will eat them aswell, can't wait to see how much you get this time.

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