Pineapple Express Seed to Harvest Indoor Marijuana Grow

In this video I highlight a Pineapple Express plant that kind of got forgotten, and ignored for some time. Enjoy! Instagram …


  1. I have a sump pump, it only has 1 setting and that's on. How do you control the water flow through the sprayer. Can you leave the sump pump running and use the on and off from the sprayer head to control water flow? Or will that wreck the sump pump.

  2. yeah, would love to see a trimming video. my wife and i hand trimmed 11lbs last year before we said "f*ck it". i'm expecting to harvest around 20lbs this year and even now i'm not looking forward to hand trimming it all. show me something that works but doesn't demolish the buds!!

  3. Get plant risers and your root zone will be warmer and more dry. You can even make bootleg things if you can't bite the bullet and spend the 3 dollars a piece for all the plants.

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