Pioneer Nuggets – Cannabis Cultivation Facility Tour – Washington State

Pioneer Nuggets opens their doors and shows off their cannabis cultivation facility. Join us on a tour of their indoor grow and learn about how Pioneer Nuggets …


  1. come on you can grow prettier smoke out doors those buds looked small he should do multiple harvests off one plant and get rid of the mh and go sodium all the way whos pocket does the electric bill come out of

  2. If i was an investor id be pissed to hear "sounds about right". Plus anyone who does 15 minutes of research would know if u hit 49% humidity the "drying" process stops and it starts to "cure" thats why 55-59 is optimal. That way you can drop a couple precent and not be fucked. He drops 1% and hes fucked!

  3. WOW!! The Pioneer Nuggets facility looks more like the inside of a space ship. I'm looking for a place to live, are any of the inflatable rooms for rent?

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