Populum Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Review – Will It Help You Sleep?

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  1. I take CBD oil, Tumeric with black seed oil, and Kratom for pain management, inflammation, anxiety, and to help me sleep. However even with a good Green vein Kratom for pain and sleep taken with CBD and Tumeric I still have major problems sleeping. I always have had issues sleeping and since I started doing these few things every single night to help me relax, de stress and lessen my pain I still can't sleep. I get about 1/3 the sleep per week then more people sometimes less and nothing I have ever tried has changed that. I've tried just about everything and I wasn't ever getting any better results on perscribed sleep medication and I didn't want to be on perscribed drugs so I swiched about 5 years back to Kratom, Tumeric and CBD and although I do feel better and way more "normal base line" and I have more energy, less anxiety, and my pain and inflammation has been helped tremendously I feel I will forever be destined to have a really really bad sleep routine which has only been made even worse since my son was born 19 months ago. If anyone has any ideas on how to help me get in a better sleep routine please feel free to let me know because that alone does majorly effect my quality of life and it isn't fair to my son or his mom who me not sleeping effects just as much if not more then it does me.

  2. Hey there!

    My name is Dayyaan – I’m one of the co-founders of goodness. We offer a personalized CBD product to help people sleep better. Our clients get access to a monthly subscription of a custom plan and a chatbot that helps them fine-tune their plan. I’m reaching out because I think there’s a lot of overlap in our audiences’ interests, and I’d like to explore working together.

    The product is an oral spray formulated with Massachusetts sun-grown hemp extract and organic adaptogens, all designed to help you fall asleep easier and minimize night-time wake-ups. Everything is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and third-party tested for safety, purity, and efficacy.

    We have a free trial program that lets people try the product before they commit to a subscription. We normally ask clients to cover $3 in shipping costs, but if you enter the code – PARTNERSHIPS2020 – we’ll waive the shipping costs so you can give the product a shot. Just head to our website and fill out our sleep assessment to get started.

    I’d love to send you our one-pager to give you more information on what we do. At our core we are a mission-driven company that believes in the power of plant-medicine – 20% of our profits are dedicated to fighting the opioid crisis in America in partnership with Americans for Safe Access. I’m here in case you have any questions. It would be fantastic to hop on a call and chat further at your earliest convenience.

    I’m here in case you have any questions. It would be fantastic to hop on a call and chat further at your earliest convenience.


  3. I use to take CBD oil and ordered full-spectrum CBD and I just got it and it is not "Clear" like the CBD oil but it is "black"? Is that normal? And it tastes different from the CBD!

  4. I sent for a sample of, Botanic Releaf, Nano CBD Full Spectrum. It say 750 MG, all natural. I got it in the mail today. There was no instuctions, or directions of any kind. There was no paperwork with it whatsoever. I read where it relieved pain, and gave you more energy. That's why I sent for it. I haven't tried it yet.

  5. I always wanted to try cbd oil for sleep and anxiety but I was always a little apprehensive. I tried the gummies and they made me sleep but when I woke up I was pretty irritable. I didn’t like the gummies. I wonder if I would have the same problem with the oil?

  6. Hi Mattess Clarity! While this has nothing to with sleeping oils, I wanted to make sure you see this. I'm torn between the Layla and Nolah mattresses. I'm a side sleeper, 5' 7", and weigh just over 100 pounds. The Layla and Nolah mattresses seem so similar. I want a mattress that doesn't sleep hot and will have lots of pressure relief. Which do you prefer and what would be the best option for me?

  7. I like the idea of this channel also covering supplements to improve sleep. Super useful. I would like to hear if you noticed a reduction in anxiety or inflammation in your day to day life after using it for a few weeks.

  8. Thank you for doing this review. I've tried other CBS oil and it didnt help me but I believe it was because it wasn't a very good one, I am in so much pain and I'm in ca so everything is lega, but I'm definitely willing to try the populum to see if it might help better. Just wish it wasn't so expensive. It's funny how disabled suffer the most and mostly because they/me cant afford stuff like this.

  9. I SEE YOU MARTEN 👀🙌🏽 I’ve LEGIT been looking for a good CBD product. I know of all the great medical benefits and really reallllly wanted to give it a try for my back and sleep. my cousin in California SWEARS by it and has been telling me so much about this that, like i said, I’ve been on the prowl for the right product for me. how funny is that 😂 thanks for reading my mind per usual marten!

    To be honest thc freaks me out and i love that cbd doesn’t give me the stoney feeling, i hate being Stoney bologna. Populum looks legit! 500 mg is the most popular potency, great! cbg helping with nausea is such a plus! I love that it helps with metabolism and immune system, fuuuu that’s amazing 😍 8mg-8.5 mg is the right dosage for under the tongue and leaving it for 30 seconds, 2 deep breaths and swallow; got it ☝🏽❤️🙌🏽
    I love that it calmed your anxiety down, i NEED NEED this. I will legit be buying this right after i finish this video, I’ll even send y’all the receipt 😉 I’ll buy anything you guys recommend lol y’all are friends now lol

    Oh oh cons: morning grogginess, not fda approved (whatevs), affordable cbd oil $99
    Not tooooo bad. Definitely more pros than cons!
    Thanks martennnnn!!!

  10. I don’t suffer from anxiety but i struggle falling asleep some nights and i think CBD 250mg would be exactly what i need to help me with that. Great video, very informative👍

  11. Very very interested in seeing if this would work for my partner, he deals with multiple issues from anxiety to pain and inflamation all over. The price though is a bit out of our range for our budget. Also you said something about morning grogginess which he absolutely wouldn't use it due to that, he can not stand feeling groggy at all. I also wish insurance would cover it, as I do know of one doctor that prescribes a CBD oil, not this kind, but you have to get the exact type he prescribes and through his office only, so insurance won't cover it. Thank you for the review.

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