Positive only dog training works in the REAL world? Sport heeling vs Real heeling..and much more.

Haz talks about the ideology and real world application of positive training using video examples. shieldk9.ca shieldk9dogs.com.


  1. I trained my own dog, a cane corso st bernard, he just turned 3 and we had one incident where a dog tried to attack him through a chain link fence he didn't agree and barked, pulled and broke his flat collar. We haven't ever used an e-collar on him so any command he listened to was purely him being obedient. It was on a main street with high traffic so if he ran that way he was as good as gone. I said come, nothing, I said it again and sure enough he came and sat at my side. He may not be bullet proof in his commands but he is reliable enough fore to trust if he gets out he will not go anywhere. Side note before we got our gs puppy we had no fence in a suburban neighborhood and he wouldn't pass a line that marked the edge of our driveway with no barrier other than him saying I am not allowed past this. Forgot to mention that we did a mix of positive and negative reenforcement to get him to listen prong collar for leash training

  2. Positive only food training, according to one trainer, was to crate and starve the dog for a couple of days so that it will work for food.

    No thanks…I'll just correct my mal when appropriate and keep letting her have the last bite of my hotdog. Her recall is extremely solid and her off leash manners are fantastic.

    Her head is currently on my foot while she naps.

    There was an element of security blanket as she was growing but I think that has just grown into good manners as she's grown into her own. Part of it was training and part was just taking her everywhere with me.

    There is a noticable difference when she wears her harness as opposed to just her collar. I used the vest to differentiate "work" time and that seems to have really sunk in.

  3. I love that you put your young guy with an older female to learn manners. You put young horses in with a herd for the same reason! I enjoy all of your videos because I feel like they apply in a variety of situations and you are very clear in your content. Thanks Haz!

  4. This is becoming my favorite channel for dog training. Very practical and well explained! I can’t tell you how many other channels I’ve seen that are pure drivel. “You have to connect with your dog!”, “you have to lead your dog with calmness”, “you have to feel your dog”. What does this mean?! How does one do this? Guess what, after 15 minutes of the video (any of these videos) and multiple product placements and shit it doesn’t give you an answer. It usually shows you the trainer in a park that is completely empty and a “well behaved” dog. The other weird thing is that when I check the comments of such videos it’s full of people that go “omg I love you!!! You’re the best!!! Such a great advice!!!”. What advice?! I remember watching one video that had a title that was something in the lines of “how to stop your puppy biting you instantly!!!!!!”… ok, sounds promising, let’s check it out. “When he bites you, all you have to do is say ‘NO!’ with a firm voice and turn around!” Done, problem solved! Bitch, you think I didn’t try this?! For weeks, with absolutely no result?! Well, one day I got sick of it, rolled up a newspaper, waited for him to bite me, said “AH AH” and slapped him with it. I did it like twice. Do you know what happened? Yep, he never bit me again. Also, he didn’t get devastated and psychologically damaged like people claimed. Anyway, I’m so sick of the nonsense. Because of such wuss trainers dogs are being put down! It’s damaging, it’s not productive.

    Sorry for the long rant! I love your videos, keep up the good work.

  5. Great information, so true about positive only training. It just won’t work when you really need it. There has to be accountability for action, there must be corrections ( not in a bad way)in order for dogs to follow commands at all time. They know when and how to test the handlers.

  6. Positive only training is a result of ideology being forced upon common sense and things that actually work. We should learn from experienced dog moms and not Zak George and his like.

  7. Why do lots of people think that each correction is somehow "harmfull"? All animals (incl. Homo sapiens) learn through positive and negative outcomes of their behaviours/actions.

  8. Thanks sir! Such a key perspective!
    If you want the 100% dependability I don't see how you do it without correcting.
    Even if you have the most epic mind-meld relationship with your little buddy you are going to correct a behavior at some point, no?!
    Ask for a sit/ any command and it doesn't happen, then what?
    Never mind under ALL distractions.

    There is a reason why every off leash dog I meet in public that is "trained" does not recall and runs right up to greet me and my pooch as the owner runs up saying "Sorry, he's friendly!" XD

  9. We have a working line German Shepherd imported from the Czech Republic. Crazy food drive and prey drive. We got him at 7 months. Terrific lineage. I thought I would start off with largely reward based training. He sits, downs, goes to place, flip finishes in heel etc.. WHEN I have food! Couldn’t give much of a crap otherwise. Started a couple of days ago to make him more accountable (corrections). In those couple of days, it’s a different dog! He actually does what he is asked for and what he knows…

  10. I can't quite express how happy it makes me to see two good and fit examples of a German Shepherd. I cry every time I see a banana backed shepherd with crunched up back legs and a mincing gait that looks like it's winding a drunkard's path home after a weeklong drunk.

  11. I can name a few people who do R+ who compete and have done well (sometimes). And the one who does the best will straight up tell you it's less reliable and that she just likes the challenge and not giving corrections. The rest will swear their dog is just as reliable as anyone else's, then fairly regularly bomb and fail a trial…

  12. My Boi loves to play with other dogs off leash but if he's on leash he barks and if the other dog gets in his face then he will go for that dog. I find myself apologising because he has gone for that dog. He will walk with another dog on leash once I have corrected him. But I do feel embarrassed that my dog has gone for that other dog in the 1st place. Am I doing the right or wrong thing here? I'm learning a lot and love your videos 🐾🐶🐾

  13. Another very educational and informative video, Haz. Keep up the great work. We appreciate your opinions about the REAL world of dog training. Positive only may work nicely for some meek and nice pet dogs but it most certainly does not work for all dogs and certainly not dominate working dogs. Love the intro, it's 'sic' and love the off-leash hiking. That would be a dream for me with my GSD.

  14. But science says and it's proven positive only training is better and corrections hurt the dog mentally and physically. And I am not going to take a look into balanced training because science in my peanut brain says otherwise! I also trained crazy obedience with positive only training methods and I won't give any proof of that, but I did!

  15. This is such an awesome video! I was getting shit because my SDIT doesn’t check in every 2 seconds so according to the service dog police all I did was taught him to ‘walk properly’ also since I don’t record my ‘medical episodes’ he’s fake. Like really? You’re such an amazing trainer! I wish you were closer!

  16. People this days are really stupid…i mean, if you can hit a child to put negative reinforcement and so he can be good and behave good then why the hell wouldnt i use negative reinforcment on dogs😆 bruh

  17. Animals always show us the reality of what works for them – it is a powerful thing when we can observe and follow thru with that.
    Thank you Haz for speaking the truth.

  18. Not knowing any better I went to a positive only dog trainer with my first dog and it left me with so many holes in his training. I was planning to do more training with that trainer but after the class was over I was so turned off dog training because I felt it was useless. So happy I found you guys for my German Shepherd. I attended your puppy class and will be coming back next month in April for Obedience 1. Positive only dog training does not work.

  19. Speaking with these folks. When you ask those trainers If they ever solve behavioural issues with dogs they usually reply with , ”its a genetic issue with the dog”.
    They say that they rather see a dog put down than being trained by folks like Cesar Milan or you.
    These people are really a threat to dog owners because in reality they want to take away everyones right in owning a dog.

    Crazy enough they usually study ethology but when It comes to them training dogs they take It from an emotional stand point, only when It comes to dogs.

  20. Nice video, but how can I train my dog to behave like your dogs? Because I'm based in Europe, I can't visit you in CA. And no, I'm not one of these guys, who's only positive training the dogs. But I still don't have this kind of level of functional obedience. Some weeks ago, I reached out to you, maybe you can offer some kind of online training. Training to tell me, how I should train with my dogs to speed up the behavior / functional obedience training, but I never heard from you ;(

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