Pot Brownies with Redecan's Reign Drops 30:0 Cannabis Oil

Welcome back to iPot Review. This week we make pot brownies using Redecan’s Reign Drop’s 30:0 THC Cannabis oil. WARNING: These brownies tasted …


  1. Hey I bought these drops and the syringe doesn’t stick inside the hole.. like I have to keep it pressed against the bottle while pulling.. find it very tricky to use and one wrong move away from a big spill..is mine a defect or is yours similar?

  2. i keep getting the plain white syringe. damnit i want a green one lol. but the white ones are much better build. i only ingest the oils on their own and love the reign drops 30:0. wish they had a larger volume than 40ml bottles. but when i can afford more meds i might try this out.

    my normal everyday dose is 3-4ml of this product. might try switching to the 15:15 and trying just 2ml/day.

  3. Man the syringes that come with redecan are awful, throw it in the trash every time. Some other companies come with better quality syringes that I use instead.

  4. High and not even know it… When I made my own edibles I lived a thousand years and died 150 deaths while experiencing life as each of the different shapes in the world and my pet rats became my parents.

  5. I gave this a try also. I just ingested the oil. I was a little nervous, never trying edibles before. I started with 1m. Lolll. I've learned 10ml. Is my sweet spot..just under 300mg. My bottles (2) also came in at 29.5mg/ml

  6. i watch a video from Redecan saying you should not cook with it they were saying you burn out alot of thc that way best way to take it in yogurt or on toast but who cares if you got high from it its all good

  7. I have the 15:15 Reign Drops. Amazing for sleep, anxiety but have not felt a difference for pain. Then again, I'm a microdoser. I'm either too lazy or too boring to make medibles haha. So dosing under the tongue is my choice of ingestion..

  8. I like reign drops but keep in mind for anyone wanting to try it, the syringe they give is really flimsy. Need's to be washed or the oil will get sticky and make it hard to move it freely to get the right dose 🙂
    Also did baking make your house smell using the oil?

  9. Man I just got to put this out there…..your funny as hell and I loved this weeks episode with the cooking with oil's thought it was a nice change up. Please keep them great review's coming brotha.

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