Pot use in pregnancy: Study shows that marijuana is not for pregnant moms

CINCINNAITI (WKRC) – Marijuana is not for pregnant moms. While the nation debates the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, there are new considerations …


  1. I never heard of any baby born with defects, or have low birth weight when the mom smoked weed. I know lots of women who smoked weed while pregnant and there baby was perfectly fine

  2. Her study was done on 42 aborted fetuses whose mothers also may have smoked tobacco, used other drugs, and there is no proof of long term effects. (Use the free google scholar search engine to find the real research, search for cannabis, pregnancy, and her name) I wish there was more research. Sadly, this is just another case of a study done that contributed absolutely zero information to the effects of cannabis alone on the fetal brain development.

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