President Obama in favor of medical marijuana (Weed 3 CNN)

President Barack Obama in support of medical marijuana and the science behind it. I do not own any footage or pictures seen. All copyright belongs to CNN.


  1. Why do we have to do all of this under the guise of medicine. Why are people so scared to let people smoke a joint? I mean really… get the f*ck over it. Hey, go out to the bars and blow $100 on shots and puke your face off and possibly die of alcohol poisoning.. that's fine… smoke a joint on your couch and eat some cookies? YOU'RE GOING TO HELL! OR PRISON!

  2. "marijuana needs to be illegal because we dont know enough about it"… you know what i hear? marijuana prohibition was based off bullshit and nothing but… follow the history and bullshit is all you will find

  3. I think in a few months he will improve his viewpoint on weed being legal even more. And the next winning president will have to be for legalization of cannabis to even become a front runner for the candidacy. Almost gone are the days of nixon and reagan reefer madness era and I am all for it.

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