Pruning & Re-potting An Overwintered Cannabis Plant (Part 1): Cannabasics #123

(21+ Educational Purposes only) Join Me In Pruning & Repotting An Overwintered Cannabis Plant Today On Cannabasics Episode #123. Check out Deep …


  1. Could you do a video on how to roll a blunt-timebomb if you go on google images and search crutch blunt-timebomb you’ll see what I mean it’s the one with the joint inside the blunt, thanks

  2. Ruffhouse Studios, Growers Network, and Caligreen420 are my favorite growing channels. I'm happy to see Ruffhouse sponsored by Growers network and I watch every video of both channels. Keep it up πŸ€™πŸ’―

  3. Seeing that you do reply to question's or comments, I asked about the butter/oil method you did a video on. Is the over method just as or more potent then the double boiler method? I am ready to make some cookies, with some lemon haze. I have tried a few methods, but looking for the biggest bang for my time.

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