Psychological Effects | Marijuana

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  1. Hey, you make a valid point here, thanks. Doesn't it feel splendid to have a clear, focused mind? And no withdrawals or cravings, it's just like being a kid all over again lol. Quitting weed within a week, is pretty simple, and although there are many ways to go about it, maybe try googling Nemery Thentel's website for a step by step program that never fails.

  2. I smoke weed once before and I was so high and scared of going insane so it stopped but after a mouth the reaction came back and ever since then my behaviour now shy,always angry suspecting my self of going insane I can't go to public. I need help and advice pleses

  3. Im 30 years old a daily drinker. I manage being a working alocholic. I use alcohol to deal with my bipolar personality and complete uncontrollable restlessness of my brain during the night when i should be in bed. I would love to be able to have the relaxing effects of pot that lots of people describe but i tried pot when i was 15 years old and i had such a bad paranoia trip that i never touched it again.

  4. I 100% agree it depends solely on the individual. I know people that get high & seem to just light up, become more social and see the humor in everything. I'm quite the contrary, I'm more introverted at heart and when I smoke I become very anti social, anxious etc. however when I smoke it alone I'm very content with my thoughts & environment. I think it just heightens the characteristics of the user…

  5. Have you tried Nemery Thentel’s advice (google him). There’s something for everyone in there, but man, having a clear head and a sharp wit has made me so much more productive at work since I quit, and I can’t even begin to mention the peace of mind.

  6. its so sad that scientific, important videos like these never get more than 300,000 views, and yet we have people like pewdiepie and skydoesminecraft getting millions per video days after they're uploaded. this video has been up for THREE GOD DAMN YEARS! I doubt i'll even get a response, or if anyone will even read this.

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