PTSD & Cannabis: Help or Hurt

Cannabis is one of the most widely used substances around the world. As governments begin to decriminalize and legalize the usage of this substance for …


  1. As a Medical Cannabis Technician with CPTSD and Dissociative Disorder cannabis is an actual treatment for me. Sadly, as every other medication is not for everyone. The key for me and some of my patients are the dosages, compounds, the strains and even the products (edibles, tintures, capsules, concentrates). On the other hand, is not a option to smoke the flower for these patients or any other condition since you are wasting the medical compounds but in cases of PTSD they must use a vaporizer on low temperature but most important stay away from euphoric terpenes like “Pinene” and high levels of THC or CBN instead use a high dose of CBD (non psychoactive) or CBG since the psychoactive effects will not be a trigger for flashbacks or intrusive thoughts and more calming terpenes like “Linalool” or “Myrcene”. Cannabis as treatment can be very hard at first for PTSD or any other mental illness but with the correct knowledge most patients can see improvements. If they are assuming that all cannabis is the same and the dosage is not a part of their treatment it can be a bad experience.

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