Pulmonary Effects of Cannabis – Donald Tashkin, MD | UCLA Health Cannabis Research Initiative

Pulmonary Effects of Cannabis – Donald Tashkin, MD, Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Inaugural 2017 UCLA Cannabis …


  1. I would have been perfect for your clinical study because I smoke large amounts quite frequently since I was 20 and I'm 22 now. I am a chronic marijuana abuser (stoner).

  2. It took 50 yrs of heavier and heavier cannabis use and abuse but at 67 it is causing me lung function dysfunction. So much phlegm and occasional mucus plugs come flying out that sometimes I'm afraid I will inhale it before I can get it out of my body. When I freak out it is worse. Edibles don't affect my lungs but they do affect my balance and my energy level drops by 70%. Thankfully the world is going to shit and I won't miss it that much anyway when Mary Jane decides takes me home.

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  5. I don't think the studies excluded non-vaping products? I find it odd that Dr. Tashkin didn't control for different inhalation type mechanisms in his review. I would assume that the tar and other carcinogenic effects that may increase the chance of COPD and lung cancer are from the paper products burned. Not an expert but for a health conference showing studies back in the 70s and 80s… that's just mind boggling

  6. I’ve actually been coughing up blood w phlegm since may I should’ve quit at first but due to COVID 19 and everything going on in the world my anxiety and depression sky rocketed so I kept on smoking, I took a week break and when I smoked again I still spat up blood, going in to the doctors today, hopefully nothing bad. But I’ve been doubting it edit: I visited the doctors and it turns out the blood was due to irritation in my throat from clearing my throat so much and so often I’ve since stopped clearing my throat so much and immediately saw less blood and i think a couple days after i stopped spitting up blood completely

  7. What difference would educational level possibly make when looking at MJ/Tobacco smoking and Lung Cancer? (serious question) I genuinely cant think of a reason why that would need to be accounted for.

  8. What a bunch of absolute bullshit! Cannabis has never caused a single death in all of recorded history. They have been lying about one the most beneficial plants on the face of the earth since 1937. After all of this time of exhaustive tests to prove it dangerous, all that they could come up with is , "It could lead to dangerous drugs". What kind of a chickenshit answer is that? The only reason that anyone ever bought that bullshit, is that they were scared into submission by the threat of the law.

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