Recreational Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, or Both? | KFNB S1:E04

Do you consider yourself to be recreational cannabis or a medical marijuana consumer? It could be a question of CBD vs.THC or a combination of both.


  1. As an over 50 hiver I know that one can’t have Recreation without Wellness. They are not the same in my mind, but Wellness is prerequisite for Recreation – be it in cannabis or anything else. Great thought provoking question. What say others???

  2. We are finding the distinction is becoming less clear. And that our Hive's over 50 folks lean toward wellness and are enjoying recreational activities more, like golf, tennis, and socializing with social distancing. Our younger hive members, who start out smoking cannabis for recreation, are turning to all the other ways to consume and benefit. Let us know whether you think there is a clear distinction or whether that line is becoming blurred?

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