Red 7 Pot Brain Strain

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  1. I don't doubt for a second that this one would have floored me if my guts weren't prepared. But, thanks to your elixir T, not a lick of cramping. My guts salute you!

  2. It was an epic battle between raging pepper and my endorphins with this one. All I could do was sit there and bare witness to the carnage that was happening to me.

  3. That comment on the" turbine" was dead on lol That shit did look hot LMAO Ah, the endorphin rush o-O I've gotten a couple that through me to the floor too LOL. Yup, that was a hot M.F. ;o)

  4. Hey thanks man…yep that's exactly the way to do it. I waited to long one time after eating dinner to start and got the cramps. What you said is perfect. I'm also thinking about adding some fiber to the mix. Only because MrParadiseweiss said he ate fiber to purge the Pure Evil from his system the next day after his stunt. LOL

  5. Yep, the good ole elixir. Hasn't failed me since I started doing it right. I eat beforehand…wait about 15-20 min, drink half the elixir, flip on the camera and act a fool, turn it off and ride out the burn (drinking too soon re-ignites the burn for me), and then I drink the other half. No cramps after.

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