Research on Cannabinoids Over the Decades and What’s to Come – Raphael Mechoulam

Tags: Addiction, Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoid System Over the last few decades research on the cannabinoids has gone through several distinct phases: A.


  1. AWESOME, @RaphaelMechoulam deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Well done and thx for your great research. I have a few how to for growing Medicinal Cannabis on my youtube. Thx Medicinal Genomics

  2. I don't even need to watch it to know there should be more thumbs up. Dr. Mechoulam found the endocannabinoid system that is throughout our bodies for Christ's sake, if anybody has a handle on cannabis currently, it is HIM.

  3. I have had Ankylosing Spondylitis for twenty years and cannabis makes my life functional and possible. With the advent of LED lighting it has become relatively easy to produce high quality cannabis flower at low cost. Amazon will deliver every supply needed except for seed and that too can be obtained with a little effort and a small investment. My total expenditure was about fifteen hundred dollars, spread out over many months, and my yield this season has been in excess of two pounds of high quality flower. Grow your own because the government is NEVER looking out for your best interests. YouTube can answer any questions that arise during the growing, flowering and curing phase. Well cured cannabis, when stored under ideal conditions, retains its potency for several years. HealTHCare because you care while the pharmaceutical and medical community could not care less. It's all about money.

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  5. Sadly Dr Mechoulam does not mention nor understand the work of global citizen scientists that demonstrates all the benefits of cannabis directly in humans. My work explains why from a biophysics perspective.
    Monograph In God We Rust: the Beauty of Unintelligent Design

    Harvard Cancer Lecture 2019

    Animation Metabolic Plasticity

    What If?

  6. CBD is in hemp, hemp was outlawed in 1938. Hemp was as staple in the human diet for millenniums. It is no coincidence that these diseases started to spring up so much when hemp based products were removed from our diets.

  7. In 2003 my brother had a bone marrow transplant that failed. The second attempt did not fail as he smoked a tiny bit of blueberry pot ( that was home grown). He had( and still gets a few flare ups) Graft vs Host disease. Now he does 4 plants each year and stores it up so he can self medicate the graft vs host disease away. Sadly in Australia it is only affordable (in legal pathways) for the rich and elite.

  8. My Hero thank you for dedicating your time to do this research it is incredible how far this has come I hope to contribute to your data and meet you one day and share you my findings.

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