Responses, reaction to NC Senate debate question on marijuana legalization

In response to a question about the legalization of marijuana, Sen. Thom Tillis said he does not support it, saying it’s not the right time. Challenger Cal …


  1. I live in NC. Thom Tillis is so out of touch with North Carolina!! We have MILES and ACRES of tobacco fields which are perfect to grow marijuana. We already have it booming in Asheville, Boone, and on the coast! Legalize it and let us MAKE OUR MONEY!! Can we start a petition to get a referendum on the ballot?

  2. As long as we have old people as politicians we’ll never have legal weed. Btw alcohol could be considered a gateway drug you stupid fool. My mom only drink alcohol before she became a crackhead. Now she’s sober and only smokes weed! These people are slow mentally. If they are so thick headed on something as simple as this, I gotta wonder what else they’re thick headed about. I say young people should think twice before buying a home here. We don’t want to be stuck in the boomer ages. My hubby and I will gladly take our money to a state that progresses. I’m proud to say that before I was forced to move to this dump of a state, I had the privilege of witnessing the beauty of weed legalization in Washington state. Cops served us chips on the streets and for once, it wasn’t all about authority. We had a moment to really just live and relax. Now Washington state is doing amazingly well and productivity hasn’t gone down. If anything we had more jobs with the cannabis industry, and new businesses. Before weed the only way I could take a load off was drinking alcohol which hurt my stomach badly. And as a child of an alcoholic, I wasn’t the biggest fan anyway. Now that there’s weed, after working my bum off I could kick back and enjoy a good funny movie without thinking about all my problems. I became more creative actually and ended up doing things I didn’t have the confidence to do before, and furthermore , I’m no longer suicidal. Before cannabis I was very suicidal, but since weed I really was able to think deeply about my issues. I created new concepts, and gained new understandings about myself and life in general. I was also the most active I’d ever been btw, because prior to that I only wanted to sleep my days away. These nuckle heads have this old outlook on cannabis, thinking it’s for teens who want to experiment and lazy people, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I’m certain cannabis played a big role in my mother getting sober from alcohol abuse. Weed even helped her grieve the death of her son, so to me the positives outweigh the negative. Also we are grown adults, if we want to smoke some herb that’s should be our right since we’re legally allowed to kill ourselves anyway with pharmaceuticals and cigarettes or alcohol.

  3. If They don't o to do Thier Jobs and Represent You,and Honor Your Votes and Voices demanding an End to the Drug War and demanding the Legalization of Marijuana,do not allow them to retain Thier Jobs. Weed Them Out of Office! Thier opinions should not set the Policies of the State when the Citizens of the State's have the Right and the Constitutional Power,to decide dor Themselves through a State Ballot on the Issue, without Interferes or the Objections from State leaders or Officials!!!

  4. The People of America have spoken at the Polls to end this pathetic Drug War and We showed majority approval of the Legalization of Marijauna for Adult Recreational Use!
    We have been ignored too long. Now, desperate Voters are showing solidarity with those Who want to Abolish Law Enforcement altogether. Is it worth turning Voter's away while risking Your Partys future ,its very existance, to enforce Policies and Drug War Laws,etc., that 90 percent of America is sick of hearing about??!!
    Racism and Social Reforms are going to occure . Its too late to stop the wheels from turning. I advise law makers to get on board with The Public or scramble out the way of progress!
    The manner in which The Republican Party has operated from The White House down to County Seats,is purely State Capitalism, Wikipedia referred to it as a form of State Communism!

  5. God states on the first page,first chapter, Authorized King James Bible; Genisis 1,1st chapter that marijuana is good and very good,meant for you. Under "herbs" God states twice, all green herbs,"marijuana"included, in every green herbs mentioned in our Bibles. Psalms ch 104 v 14,and"herbs for the service of man." Romans ch 14 v 2,"another, who is weak,eateth herbs." Hebrew ch 6 v 7 basically states the herbs are meant for whom it is meet for, for their use or reason, recieveth blessings from God."…….
    Marijuana is our Christian Right.
    Our Christian and Jewish freedom of religion includes the marijuana that God blesses us with.
    Now marijuana is the most valuable tool we've had to save the planet.
    God's Word, settles this argument.

  6. What else is there to see? It's a cash crop. Federal legalization or not, people are going to use it anyway. Smh, why not shut the black market down by producing the safest and cleanest? Political goofballs make my head hurt!

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