ReVegging A Harvested Cannabis Plant Tutorial – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

Learn how to reveg or regenerate cannabis plants after harvesting buds. Step by step revert your cannabis plant back to veg after harvesting it’s flowers. Find out …


  1. My experience with doing this for over a decade would disagree with one or two things most are spot on tho I personally woulnt touch the roots just hit them with a few doses of enzymes and nitrogen and leave under a dimmer light than they were flowering under on 24hrs a day for a few weeks and should be gtg in most cases as well the new shoots that start to grow from the old buds you should surgically cut the old bud away leaving just the main stems of the buds that the new shoots are growing from this will avoid the bud molding and causing stem rot also keep an eye on humidity during them stages

  2. I would not cut roots scratch the roots at bottom take and root bound roots off and repot plant 🌱 in bigger pot switch back to veg timing let veg into a mother plant and take cuttings or veg tell u want to re flower u can up to 6 times then genetics get cut and become weaker I’d say my opinion

  3. I thought the point of revegging a plant was to cut clones from it in keeping the phenotype going, not to then once again flower the same plant. Do the genetics degrade over time if you do it the way I said, because they do eventually if you use the same mother plant for long enough as well. That's what I'm interested to know and would there be any way to make the process constructive in the long term by, for example, only revegging the best performing clones from the last harvest. I think it would still degrade over time because again it's really the same plant just being cut and regrown over and over again just like a mother plant, but it could be the age of the mother plant itself that causes the degradation and revegged clones could be unaffected.

  4. I'm an intermediate grower and am planning on using this method with my 6 plants currently in flower to then put the revegged plants outside for the summer season to keep the amazing sout d genetics I have going

  5. Hi had a problem with my timer and my small clones started to flower,fixed timer but was wondering should I leave at 18.6 or leave lights on 24 hours for a few weeks.should cut buds off.would start over but have 1 purple kush that can't get no more.thanks

  6. I just want to thank you I finished my plant I got the end result it's great it's I can't you know thanks I just really appreciate it are you helping me grow it so much first plant your channel is pretty awesome a lot of info thanks again I'll go on your website and try to email you a picture me and my sister named my plant seeing Jesus

  7. I use this method when i don't take clones before it goes in for flowering, if i find i have harvested a plant i like then i reveg it and then take clones.

  8. Hello. Thank you for your very informative videos. They've been quite helpful. I have a somewhat obscure question I haven't seen anyone cover. When I was in elementary school, there was a big thing going on here in bc with over logging and we learned a bit about reforestation. I recall a technique described to us where a seedling was attached to the stump of a freshly cut tree, and the seedling would use the stumps existing root system to facilitate faster regrowth. I was wondering if you had any thoughts as to whether or not this would work with cannabis as well.

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