Rick Simpson – Does cannabis oil help AHC?

Rick Simpson, entrepreneur, was interviewed by AHCIM in Reykjavik, 2014 The purpose of AHC International Library is to collect information about AHC and …


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  9. is it just me or does it seem like youtube is deleting/preventing testimonial on the curative effects of cannabis oil? very sick and sad, what a world

  10. I am the real Rick Simpson and I have nothing to do with these suppliers who are calling themselves Cannacrude and I would never advise the public, to procure any type of cannabis extracts from such companies.. Therefore if you intend to purchase cannabis extracts from this organization, please be aware of the fact that they are only using my name to help sell their products and due to the Canadian governments own regulations, none of these companies are allowed to produce or supply the real RSO anyway. If you wish to learn more about this life saving medication please go to my website phoenixtears.ca. Best Wishes. Rick Simpson

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