Rick Steves Pushes For Marijuana Legalization In Mass.

The European travel guide explains why he is on a mission to make marijuana legal across the country.


  1. I'm so frustrated here and so many of you(mostly good decent people) just refuse to connect the DOTS.!!!. LOL
    Ask yourselves, how is it that our neighbors to the north and most countries in the continent of Europe can move at a more quicker pace in terms of seeing the subject matter differently?

  2. The very people who are uneducated about cannabis and say stupid shit like " It's a gateway drug" It's bad for you" are the ones who need this amazing, beautiful plant in there lives the most. This is literally the plant to end all wars! wake up America and fuckin Legalize it already , im tired of the lies and bullshit.

  3. DUI lmao there never ever been one bad thing ever caused by weed stop blaming weed for you pill users crack heads..
    plus its only the kids that run it adult only support it lmao why you can't win the war its your kids who run it lmao..

  4. Great video! The best thing he says is right at the end; "don't treat drug use as a criminal issue but a health and educational one!" We've used this approach successfully with alcohol. Dont confuse the illegal activities of drunks with drug abuse. Anyone who drives impair, commits assaults, robberies or any other crimes, deserves to have the book thrown at them, regardless of which drug they used. The sole issue of drug abuse, whether it's alcohol or other, should be treated as a health issue. Why are we locking people up or slapping a criminal record on their life? This is an outdated approach that needs to be rethought.

  5. One thing I admire about Rick is that he has been a cannabis activist and user for a long time and he does not look like your stereotypical stoner…which is more of a mindset rather than marijuana turning you into anything.

  6. I'm guessing that if someone is found to have had marijuana in their system during a traffic accident…then statistically that accident was "caused by marijuana" which is misleading and false.

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