Run From The Cure ~Cannabis oil ~The Rick Simpson Story ~True

Run From The Cure ~Cannabis oil ~The Rick Simpson Story ~True This film is used with the kind permission of Rick Simpson. A wonderful man who made and …


  1. So do you need thc to get the health benefits of cannabis? All I can get my hands on right now is high quality cbd oil. January 1 Illinois goes legal for recreational cannabis! But cities decide whether or not they will sell it. I'm probably going to have to go on a small road trip to get it.

  2. Also the one man said he took a dose then after o think 3 months reduced to a therapeutic dose, he mentioned the therapeutic dose but what was the first aggressive dose? I need to know.

  3. Why don’t these people that are supposedly healed take part in the many clinical trials? Also publish these people medical records public to show it. There has been many trials.

  4. I know of eight people that have CURED themself of CANCER,, Bone cancer,, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Tumors Cancer, .. Do it,, IT WORKS!!! LORD PLEASE LET THIS COME TO LIGHT!! NO CHEMO, OR RADIATION !!

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