Russell Brand Describes the Psychological Impact of Jiu-Jitsu | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:


  1. The reason that the hierarchies are stable is bc u know for them most part, you should be able to beat most belts below you and get ur ass kicked by belts above you. Of course when theres huge differences in size, people understand. If there was no constant reminder of your place, it wouldnt be as accepting in a way

  2. It's hard to get started in BJJ, mostly because the more talented white belts beat on the less talented white belts. It's mostly the more talented kids that stick with it, but it's probably the less talented kids that really need it.

  3. "You won't be setting fire to fields and allotments. And not putting frogs onto fireworks if you've got a way of dealing with that primal energy." Wow.

  4. Russell Brand is a liberal coward and would have folded in the battle of Bastogne. But it was American blood that saved their country. Yeah it's a bit harsh. But we're all sit back watch when Islam takes over their entire continent.

  5. I've been training about a month and I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be propositioning higher ranks for rolls. Is this his gyms particular culture or is it ubiquitous? My gym is a fairly casual no-gi school

  6. I have, however, encountered a VERY stuck up bjj teacher before. Hurt one of our students badly. Only has a brown belt, somehow in a school, harps on how he's used his apparently ability in "real combat situations", such a big ego. I really wanted to fight him because I don't play by bjj rules when he wants to act like that.
    No finger locks? Nah son, welcome to China. We do those.

  7. Not trolling serious question, i plan to get fue hair transplant, i wanted to start bjj after it but obviously i need to wait for a bit till the scars heal etc, has anyone ever gotten a fue transplant and dome bjj? And how long would you need to wait?

  8. I think Russel brand is just full of himself. God has given him the gift of the gab but I really think his thoughts are basic and empty.

    He was better when he was just a comic and radio dj. A political and social commentarian he is not.

  9. That's also how the military is, you take orders from anyone higher rank than yourself because they've been designated that rank and power from someone who has earned it, and same for the person that gave rank, chain of command and ease of thinking. Same thing with religion, it's just easier for someone else to take the wheel and fulfill orders given to you.

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