Sanjay Gupta Marijuana Not Only WORKS BETTER Than These Narcotics IT'S SAFER

Sanjay Gupta is apologizing for “misleading” the American public on weed. CNN’s chief medical correspondent, whose documentary Weed airs on CNN this …


  1. The only reason pot isn't legal is because big pharmaceutical industry can't patent it and make money. Anybody can grow it. This is insane we are jailing people for pot. Wait they are jails for profit. All about money not our safety. Much safer than the crap the doc gives me.

  2. i flunked 14 meds in 45 years , pot ended my atonic drop attacks . started smoking 2 months a go . pot works in reducing black outs ,ended atonic drops was blacking out weekly

  3. Fuck opiates. CBD isoloate w/ live resin take my pain away……took me a long time to get off opiate which fucking sucks!!!!!! Now I grow my own and make my own except I buy CBD Isolate until my hemp plants mature so I can use entire plants to capture heaven!

  4. This was my grandmother's doctor she had cancer for 10 years and Gupta and the rest of her doctors didn't even look for cancer in her body when she was telling them there was something wrong and she thought it could be cancer after ten years went by they finally listened and checked for cancer but after 3 months of chemo she passed away. I always have felt like if Dr.Gupta LISTENED to his patients.. she and probably many others would still be with us today.. 12-05-34 ~ 07-27-09

  5. Dr. Gupta? He should be standing on a soap box begging people not to smoke the drug and use other means. The pot smokers claim pot fights cancer. A true doctor would investigate these claims. Does he say smoking tobacco is safe now? STUPID … what too complex to discuss? This is the same stupid argument the tobacco lobbyists have used for decades. One small step for man, one giant leap back ward for the medical profession. He better start talking about this if he really want to legalize the medicinal properties or go back brain surgery, sounds like that would be easier.

  6. Weed is great, period… You can use it to treat or even cure an illness or you can just smoke it to get happy and more creative. How dare our government make it a crime to use something natural that's so beneficial to us. What a sick world we live in when the people's wishes are ignored, but big drug companies with $$$ are allowed to pump proven harmful substances into people no questions asked. I guess that's what happens when you pay off politicians that care more about their own financial gain than they do about the people that they're supposed to be "helping". Wake Up!!! 

  7. They need to re-schedule cannabis, it's not bad but the govt. has it classified along the lines of heroine & worse that cocaine & crack. Death due to cannabis consumption = 0 (zero)

  8. There is a child in the Philippines who died because doctors cannot treat her illness but scientists says only marijuana can help her. The government of the Philippines didnt allowed that because the content/substance is still illegal. Did the government do anything to her parents? There is no condolences or anything. The treatment that was carried was putting some electricity to here body and in some way it will destroy here nerves permanently.

  9. you fail to see the subtler point of the matter. heating cannabis in ANY way — even aging, drying, or storing it for any length of time — reduces its medical potency by six-thousand percent. What that means is that it is a hallucinogen/psychoactive and at best a palliative, but NOT a true curative medicine when vaporized. Dose-limitation by decarboxylation. Use a fcuking dictionry…

  10. what this represents on a grander scale is a release of SUPPRESSED information. our masters are losing the war to keep us unaware of the TRUTH. the 1974 UVA CANNABIS STUDY proves the gov/pharma corps have been knowingly withholding info that would positively affected the lives of EVERY person that has fallen victim to the gov/corp CANCER SCAM. if their magic pill approach is/was so effective, then show me the statistics. wheres the robust healthy populace? there is none b/c its a SCAM. WAKE UP!!

  11. Yeah sativa dominant traditionally gives you the "spacey" head high because of high THC content and little to no CBD. Indicas give you the "couch lock", relaxed body feeling because they have much more CBD.

  12. mighty funny why my dad has been smoking weed for 30 years and he is just fine and ive been smoking for almost 9 years and I am fine,the government came up with those so called side effects just to try to scare people to stop smoking,oh i bet you will show proof that it does these things from researchers well guess what im willing to bet the gov. paid those guys off just so they would tell us what the gov.wanted us to hear,just because you don't smoke does not mean marijuana is as bad asyouclaim

  13. lol corrosive toxin?seriously…people on youtube never cease to amaze me on how retarded they can be…what in the hell are you even saying did you forget how to speak or are you just that dumb..?or you could be on crack or heroin thats probably it by the way your fucking talking you need to lay off that shit its making you dumb as hell lol

  14. um thats why we have a vaporizer genious no smoke at all,even smoking it,it is healthier than cigs. and wayyy healthier than alcohol,you cant overdose from it you can still function,the good out weighs the bad,this world would be a whole lot better if weed was legal everywhere,all your jibberish is just nonesense there is plenty of healthier ways than smoking a blunt or a joint

  15. I never thought of that. Alcohol and Opiates attack autonomic functions of the parts of the nervous system that control breathing. I never actually applied that idea.

  16. He better be careful, I suspect Rupert Murdoch and his right wings will make him fade away. Its political, most people already know that Weed is alot less harmful than Alcohol. Once you start hitting your 50"s, you can start to count the people who die from alcohol, can not count any that died from weed. Seen Alcoholics turn to Meth and Speed, don't know any Weed heads decide to become Speed Freaks, kind of a contradiction in drugs. Alcohol makes you brave, you would probably try anything!

  17. Snaps to you Dr. Gupta. I wish our Administration was as intelligent as you are since they started all the propoganda to begin with. God does not make mistakes, Man however continues… Grow your own meds if you can weedsthatplease com will help you get started for FREE. True and validated Education is pinnacle.

  18. It was hard to watch. What makes it ever harder, IMHO, is suffering like hers could have been avoided if she had been given CBD first. I've used some of those anti seizure drugs, and they have some horrible side effects.

  19. I am a fairly tough guy and can watch some terrible things. But watching a baby suffer like that makes me feel really hollow, like there is no justice in the universe. It was very hard to watch.

  20. I agree, it is so safe and gentle it's unbelievable. I used to be a heavy drinker and was nearing 300lbs. I quit cold-turkey after the Dr. told me I wouldn't be sticking around much longer if I didn't stop. I started smoking herb again and training MMA and now I am 185lbs. and have never felt better. I attribute it to the herb totally, as well as a major overhaul of diet. But herb gave me the focus and patience to walk myself back a long, hard road.

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