CRBeauties #ColleenRothschild #GUASHA This video is in collaboration with Colleen Rothschild #ad. All opinions are my own and honest. I love using CBD Oil …


  1. Just wanted you to know – I saved this video into my “ skincare” folder and watch it routinely to practice your massage technique! I really see the difference in my skin after following your routine. Thanks so much for teaching us ,💗

  2. Hi Tammy, thank you for your videos!
    You inspired me to spend more time working on my face. I have to admit that I have been taking a very good care of my face and my body. What I wasn't paying attention to was the verity of tools I could use.
    I would like to ask you a question. Can I use the guasha on the upper lip part. If so, would you please explain how to do this? Maybe this is a kind of a silly question, but I didn't see you working on that particular part of your face.
    Thanks again for all the tips you share with us! By the way, you look amazing! ❤

  3. The Gua Sha tool was out of stock for most of this birthday sale…however, I contacted them and they do have an 'extended' code, I was able to use it today. it is EXTBDAY25. BTW, if you are interested in the CBD oil and tool, it is a better deal to buy the introductory offer which give you both for $95. Thank you Tammy—-bought my 25 year old daughter this tool as well. Will be in her stocking this Christmas.

  4. Thank you Tammy, I have always wanted a sensible and relatable guide to this tool. I’m getting puffy eyes and general inflammation and am hoping that this might help. I have a gorgeous rose quartz tool, and the first time I used it, I bruised my face!!

  5. You are a testament to the products you take the time to use everyday. You are beautiful even after removing your makeup on social media. I could never do that!!😊

  6. Very interested in this process. Missed the sale because I watched the video a day late and the tool is out of stock. Hopefully she will offer us another code before the holidays. Thanks for the demonstration.

  7. You are so beautiful Tammy. You are my inspiration and always on my mind though I had been lost for 7 yrs I am so glad to find you again I feel like I am finally home. I always hear be kind be beautiful in ny head and use it so much in my life and made my life better. God knows I always think of you in that 7 years of not seing you.
    I am soooo happy.

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