Second Indiana gubernatorial debate: Legalizing marijuana

The candidates for governor in Indiana faced off in their second of two debates Tuesday night.


  1. Bro why is our governor and idiot. Why not follow what other states are doing? Are you too old to think? Clearly your rasict. Your still getting cash flow from the jails. Your sick, and I should’ve voted this year. What a poor leader you are, why don’t you do the GOD DAMN RESEARCH yourself.You trust the internet do you? Jesus Christ. Your clearly racist!!

  2. It’s sad and frightening that Rainwater’s platform is based solely on a person’s right to not wear a mask and keep businesses open during a pandemic, mandates that are designed to keep them and others safe yet they chose to turn it into an infringement on personal rights. He got 12% of the vote, and that’s all those 12% apparently care about.

    It’s also rather ironic these same people complaining it’s their right not to wear a mask also think it isn’t a woman’s right to choose. Gay rights too!

  3. I wish I understood where Holcomb was coming from. There has been so much research done that there are now 33 states medically legal and 11 states recreationally legal. We have 50 states. That’s 88 percent of our country that has acted on this topic. Weed will be legal on a federal level. And he knows that it’s just a matter of time. 2 years, 5 years even possibly 10. Who knows how long it will take? The numbers show that legalization is going to happen.

  4. It's really sad that people can't get the medicine they need here. Our current Gov says people have pain options. That's discusting. What, lifetime dependent options that feed our opioid epidemic?!

  5. Either legalize marijuana or I will continue to cross into Illinois and sustain their economy by buying it there. I can throw a rock at the border so I guess it's whatever.

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