Seed To Harvest: A Complete Indoor Cannabis Grow

In this video I show you a complete indoor cannabis grow – seed to harvest. If you enjoyed this video please click the thumbs up button 🙂 Male Plants playlist- …


  1. awesome video man, thanks for sharing this! How large are your fabric pots? Doo you transplant twice from small pot to 3 gallon and then to an even larger one or do you stay at 3 gallon for the whole grow?

  2. Thanks again for these wonderfully informative videos. Another question. I use nothing but distilled water (with nutrients when needed). Do I need to purchase a PH meter for the distilled water?

  3. How you doing mr. Grow it I'm a beginner grower and I was wondering for a 4 foot by 4 foot grow tent what's the optimal pot size for a auto flower that only gross 3 ft

  4. ive found from yrs of deal with male plants,the best male for breeding is always the most stickiest,simply pinch a leaf off after hrs in the light cycle and if theres sticky on your fingers its a good male for breeding (-;

  5. Would love a couple of the trays What do I have to do to get some? Really enjoy your videos and you have taught me a lot and I love my new hobby and able to control my chronic pain with out so many narcotics and that’s giving me back my life ✌🏻🌱💯

  6. “These are males, so I’m not to concerned with things being optimal for them”

    Me in a relationship 🤣🤣

    Kidding, learner here and serial plant murderer, hopefully this goes well… great video!

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