Seeing If CBD Oil Helps My Anxiety

The amount of times I have been recommended “oh just try weed”, when speaking about my anxiety is insane. But if so many people were doing it, I figured there …


  1. Not all CBD oil is created equal. Many independent lab test have been conducted on multiple brands to see if their canabinoid levels are where they say they are and have failed

    I have fibromyalgia and have been in alot of pain for a long time. I just recently started to switch from a muscle relaxer to CBD and can only say good things about it.
    Find a REAL reputable company not "snake oil"

    Like you I'm not crazy about weed and in reality it gives me panic attacks. But the CBD hasn't any of those affects at all.

    Good luck on your path. Thanks for sharing.

  2. CBD is great and has a lot of potential, but the way it's sold right now commercially is nearly useless. All the benefits of CBD that have proven have been given to animals in far greater dosages than what's available for you

  3. I fucked up and basically gave myself health anxiety. 2 years ago I smoked weed for just a couple weeks. One day I had a panic attack because the THC gave me tachycardia. Since then, I'm almost 99% of the time concious of my heartbeat. Every night I think I will get a heart attack and die. I just want this to stop. I have really good weeks and then one week I get random pain somewhere in my body that lasts a few days and I'm feeling extremely anxious. I want to try CBD oil but without THC. I'm scared of THC.

  4. There are other ways to take cbd, gummies, ,drinks vapes anything you can think of they have lol but for me it’s not that it blocks out how I feel it helps me think more into it it really helps me calm down and think on how I feel and how I could change it or try to challenge myself I find the root of my problem and figure out how to overcome it it doesn’t happen over night but like everything the process is worth it for myself

  5. Hey Joey I know you stuggle with anxiety and depression just like me. I know you say talk about it, It helps and I can see that you try and help others and I wanted you to know that you have inspired me to do the same. So thank you so much

  6. Hey Joe's do you still have any more of those limited edition stay you hoodies with the purple dye?? Man they're sick!!!😀😀 I'm interested in buying one!!!💳💳

  7. Plz read this a life changer
    Hi Idk if that would help or if ur willing to believe
    but god says "Only in the remembrance of Allah(God) will your hearts find peace".
    N it really works so well with me.
    I mean it simply logical since god is the creator.
    N anything u might fear or worry abt is just in god's hands n god will take care of it.
    If something bad is gonna happen well let it be u r not responsible for the future nor the others this is simplly god's work n business.
    Let this be a motto :
    If it's meant to happen it will ,no matter what even if the whole world were to fight against it.
    If its not, it will not happen even if the whole is trying to make it happen.

    If you feel u r not in control over external things well it's just bcz ur not, it's not your business.

    N it's alright bcz it's in ALLAH'S HANDS.

    Imagine as if ur Giving him ur worries
    Wich is true.
    God is taking care of a lot of things that u don't even think abt like ur heartbeats ur automatic btething eye blinking ……….. so many
    Just trust all ur worries to ALLAH (GOD) PLZ.
    I copied paste my comment just to make sure u read it 😅😅

  8. I have so much baggage with weed(I know that sounds weird) but alot of people in my life feel very different ly about it. And lol hounstly it makes me feel kind of alone) if you say someone makes you happy why do you need to smoke and ignore them to feel better. I don't think I'll ever understand how it helps others with anxiety when all it does is give me terrible panic attacks and make me loose all attention span and feel numb. I envy the happiness it gives others. It's nice to finally hear someone with an opinion that is similar to mine. (P.S. I was referring to marajana with thc, not CBD oil. I have actually tried CBD oil and it helps me a little bit with social anxiety ex: work or college/school) (this is just my biased opinion that I have formed and changed throughout my life)

  9. Omg I'm so happy I stumbled upon your channel!!!
    So I'm mildly sick but honestly feeling like crap af, partly because of anxiety and overthinking. I hate that i just lie in bed and do nothing, also my bday was kind fucked up yesterday, so it kind of piled up that my anxiety attacks show up. Your recorded anxiety attacks video was in my recommended and I couldn't miss it. Such a relief knowing that you're not alone struggling with mental health and having anxiety attacks out of the blue. Thanks for being transparent and personal, love ya! <3

  10. My friend said they were a better drive while high and right after she said “I like the other lane better” then started driving on the lane with oncoming traffic and didn’t know…😂

  11. if you have anxiety you should never just smoke any type of weed there’s different types and you should find the ones that help tackle anxiety cause some cause paranoia instead

  12. I don't know my anxiety… It drives me insane… I used to walk but I had an accident and my knee kills me when I walk to much. So I must find another thing.. I might try cbd oil but I'm scared of my cousin use to smoke and that triggered some mental problems I don't know… But if keeps like it is now I might try it.

  13. I don’t have an opinion on this particular method of soothing anxiety. However, I have noticed that lately anxiety has had a more prevalent presence in my life and I’ve been trying to manage it. I’m too young at the moment to try weed or anything related according to my personal standards but I have to say that I understand why people do. You’re right, everyone is different. If it works for you, it works for you. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

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