Serbian Cannabis: Between Pain and the Law

Watch the first episode of SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong – The world is divided on marijuana legalization. Numerous studies …


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  2. Honestly weed doesn’t kill bone pain. It is a joke for real deep pain. In Canada it’s legal and there is nothing but problems with the people and it’s expensive and doesn’t work for pain like bone cancer.

  3. this is just a travesty! the "doctor" that thought morphine was a wonder drug was sooooooooo fucking stupid!!! she didnt have one point in her babble that could be viable…. this is just so sad that people do not get the cure they need simply because of stupidity, people who do not read any studies and have this propaganda in their head…. its just a sad state in the world now, we need this legalized now!! healthy people should open their eyes because sick people do not have the energy or the option to fight for themselves, this is on every person in the world to change the laws!

  4. What happened to the second lady from the video? 🙁 Is she even alive today…? Was so sad to see her like that. My mother looked the same before she died from cancer at 42 years old, also in Serbia…
    Who is going to pay for all this misery???!!!

  5. 5 година касније, ствар је 50 пута гора него тада и иста ова сотона је у истој владиној комисији, а наша влада је велеиздајничка и јебите ме ако неко од странаца може и 10% да предпостави какво је стање овде!!!!

  6. That Lady was so friggin dumb! "I prescribe morphine" ;She Said.
    …"Its a wonder drug" "it should be in every doctor's office" STUPID IGNORANT Woman! And thinking like that by big wigs here in the U.S. Is why were all effected and suffering from the Heroin Epidemic. So Many People really need to get a clue. The Netherlands should be who we learn from and model our countries after.They have had things figured out for a very long time and their way is proven to work…
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