Sharon kelly part 1: medical cannabis oil as medication for stage 4 lung cancer

An interview with Sharon and Neville Kelly. Sharon was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told she had months to live regardless of any treatments were …


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  2. TAXOL an unsaturated hydrocarbon from the Pacific yew (Taxus brevifolia), is now a well known cancer fighting drug..government and medical research won't tell you I will I'm. A medical scientist

  3. Found this on the FB page 'Cannabis Oil Success Stories' when I searched by her name. Hope this clarifies. Never give up!

    Sharon Kelly used Cannabis Oil to successfully put her stage 4 lung cancer into remission. She inspired many lung cancer patients to try Cannabis Oil and her story was widespread.

    I heard from her husband Neville this morning, and Sharon was diagnosed with liver cancer recently and it was so aggressive that she passed away Sunday from her short battle with this latest cancer.

    It saddens me to post this as Sharon was quite an active member of the Group when she was kicking cancer the first time around, and I am sorry she wasn't able to beat this liver cancer as well.

    I do not know if she was able to treat her liver cancer with Cannabis Oil but I will find out if she was taking it during her recent battle. Sharon was truly uplifting, as you can see in her video she made regarding her lung cancer bout. A tear goes out this morning to my FB friend Sharon Kelly and a viral hug to her family

  4. "Who knows but that we will have a cure in 2 years", sorry that's not how it works. Why do you suppose they are willing to jail any and all that would dare to cure cancer, cannabis or no.

  5. 2 things are needed to convert THC a to THC. Time and or heat.
    What you put in on the bottom of the bag was mostly the dried up oil chrystals. aka Hash. or just the resins of the plant which is the active part. 14 hrs of sleep, I bet you felt Great when you woke up.

  6. i cant help but wonder why she hasnt appeared on any major news though? or or etc. If her story is indeed legit its a great example and needs to be told! the people of Australia still need a lot of reeducation about cannabis to undo decades of propaganda.

  7. mom had the same lung to brain cancer Bob Marley died of same age both died 58yrs.Moms partial lung removal and brain tumor removal at barrows in AZ.RADIATION AND" WEED KILLER" KEMO $1900,000IN MED.TREATMENT GLAD DAD HAD 100PERCENT INSURANCE THROUGH HIS LINEMEN CAREER WITH SRP.MOM FOUGHT LIKE A TROOPER SO DID THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY SHE IS HOME WITH THE SON OF GOD WHO'S RISEN FROM THE DEAD SAY YESHUA MESSIAH, PS .BOb Marley is there to when we use alternatives why not who should stop people from being free to try what they believe and feel is good for them..,

  8. hey, i rly cant find any new information about her, her fb page is no proof, pls someone try to contact here and see how she is doing or give info

  9. Please approach this with caution.
    I have tried to contact Sharon Kelly and separately to her husband Neville, and to several of her Facebook "friends," and to her uncle, and to her old school All Hallows, but nobody has responded.
    I very much hope that she is well, but in view of the lack of feedback from her for over a year, I fear the worst.
    Again, I urge Sharon or her family to post an update so that other cancer patients are not unintentionally misled.
    As someone with prostate cancer, I am not against the use of cannabis oil (I use it myself) but I do not know anyone who has had success with it, or at best, the jury is still out about it's effectiveness.
    It's very important that cancer patients do not have misleading information.

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