Should India legalize the use of Cannabis? | The Urban Debate

On the Urban Debate today, Tanvi Shukla talks about the recent decision that the United Nations has made. United Nations has today has legalized various …


  1. Marijuana Legalisation is the need of hour. Its not a drug first of all. Its anyday safer than Alcohol tobacco and other drugs & this is just about recreation. Look at the other benifits such as Medicinal benefits, economical benefits and ecological benefits. And speaking about abuse, people are still abusing cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, cocain, MDMA etc. If abuse is the concern really, then its already happening. only way out is legalising it and creating awareness.

  2. Regulation of cannabis is what is needed…alcohol and tobacco have proven adverse health effects…cannabis has become a taboo…its a hush hush…our ayurvedic industry has its backbone crushed after the NDPS acts…I hope govt. Loosens the noose a bit…

  3. We have to tell people of India that it does not come under drugs and harmful substances….US removes cannabis from dangerous drugs list and legalise it… please open apple store in India and legalise marijuana too

  4. If anyone smokes weed 20 times a day…it's safe and healthy…don't use mobile and don't sat in movies,don't get high on music…have fun with presence,play outdoor games or chess and do work with outside world

  5. Tathagata sir we are with you. Your speaking the truth. These people won't understand until and unless they legalise it. There are so much money Govt can earn. And also people will get good product with SIS Mark type thing. How do we get alcohol it's the same. And I'm sure pharmaceutical industry and tobacco industry putting pressure not to legalise it.

  6. Everything linked to business, if they want they will legalise it, what abt Ayurveda which say it is one of the top medicine. Expecting post legalisation big business houses should not control it, it should allow to small farmers to grow in their fields.

  7. If it’s legal the pharmaceutical companies will oppose any action for legalises marijuana and tobacco and alcohol will be the worst affected industries if India will take long time to legalise it at the time other countries will rule the Cannabis related industries

  8. If in case (India my country INDIA)🇮🇳🇮🇳 is Adopting CANNABIS. (Then INDIA WiLL GETTING BIG BIG ADVANTAGE.) They ARE Millions oF User's Who Use Cannabis Products for health purpose And beauty purposes. Its is linked with our Culture…..💖❣We have To live with IT. ☺😇

  9. Govt of India needs to re correct its NDPS laws and decriminalise it completely.
    It's far better than consuming alcohol and tobacco.
    Wil it not contribute to our gdp?
    Police authorities harass common citizens and takes a lot money because the laws are so cruel towards the herb.
    If govt will not care then who will?

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