Soil Growing 101 – Texture, pH, Makeup – Cannabis Gardening

An explanation of what soil is made of, an introduction to silt,clay,loam and other textures, as well as a brief overview of pH and how to adjust it in soil, today on …


  1. Best results I’ve seen were with living soil and oyster shell top dressing and water. Came great. Didn’t get any deficiencies finishing either. Organic soil is so problematic though. Competition of the microbes is the problem. Make your own or buy decent medium. Know what’s in it! Buy a microscope and familiarize yourself with what in your soil. Remember in goes on your body.

  2. I know this video is old but do you know much about Fox Farms. Specifically their ocean forest line of soil and if it’s quality or not? Also if you know anything about their nutrients I wouldn’t mind that info as well! Thanks anyone who can help!!!!!

  3. You are one articulate guy. Not a lot of that on YouTube. Especially amongst the Cannabis related fare.
    Additionally, I farmed in the Sandy Loam of the great San Joaquin Valley for years. Unbelievable soils, light, water and air exchange.
    The Fruitbasket of America. Nice Video.

  4. just started growing to help a frend from spending to much growing in a grow bag have a plant but smale forth week had in a cubbord whith normal spots but started smelling so no in window warm and natceral ligt sorry for spelling

  5. 04:20 Silty soil.

    That's awesome to know.

    I saw one interview by a Kenyan tv crew in Malawi, in which one of the growers stated that the best soil there was a sandy loam. My guess is that because of the high humidity near Lake Malawi, drainage is more important.

  6. I know it has been said a million times in the comments but your information and videos are so succinct and to the point. Love it. I always get a clear answer fast that can help me take my skills to the next level. Keep them coming!

  7. Thank you! I've had a two-plant setup and one of my walk-in closets for some time. I found it hard to kill a weed plant. They are indeed very resilient, it grows on the side of roads, and for all our fancy equipment for millions of years is needed nothing but water soil and sunlight. I think the recent uptick on YouTube of people pushing fancy complicated setups in soil mixtures is more about selling products than it is about growing plants. Just my two cents, I like your video, like your channel, one of the more honest ones out there

  8. Lex your the only one with this info. Please do a video on soilless medium Pro mix and the ph and nutes and u will have covered everything. Peace n love bro. You tube soil ph and see what u get and u will know what I mean

  9. Thanks. I had a bad crop this last time and I'm going back to basics. I can at least cross soil off the list of things I did wrong. But like Seneca said, "Even after a poor harvest there must be sowing."

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